Date Posted
10 / 09 / 2013
Hours Required
40 hours
High School or Equivalent Required
Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA

Pharmacy Technician

Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA


 Principal Duties and Responsibilities 

 1.  Assists the pharmacist with the handling of telephone calls and triage calls appropriately.
 2.  Assures general cleanliness and appearance of the pharmacy area’s
 3.  Complies with the departments Hand-Off Policy
 4.  Complies with Universal Precautions, Aseptic Technique and Handling of Hazardous Chemicals Guidelines; wears appropriate personal protective equipment as required.
 5.  Displays work habits that abide by all hospital and departmental policies.
 6.  Ensures adequate stock of sterile equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and of all non-pharmaceuticals including supplies necessary for the Automated Systems.
 7.  Ensures quality standards of the department in assigned areas.
 8.  Identifies process improvements and communicates these in staff meetings or to supervisors
 9.  Inventories and checks expiration dates upon refill of ADC (Pyxis)
10.  Maintains effective communications with department directors, managers, pharmacists and department personal
11.  Participates in all appropriate staff meetings or confirms understanding of minutes of those meetings.
12.  Consistently uses sharps devices as designed to prevent injury.
13.  Calculates correct dosage volumes, converting between metric and apothecary equivalents
14.  Checks all order and deliveries for completeness accuracy and proper labeling and performs delivery and pickups of medications and IV solutions to secure areas in a timely manner, while maintaining > 95% accuracy
15.  Compounds non-sterile and sterile pharmaceuticals above a 95% accuracy rate.
16.  Consistently complies with CDC Hand washing Guidelines. Cleans hands before and after patient contact, or contact with patient environment.
17.  Documents the QA and QI information in the departments database (Simplified, Veriform)
18.  Participates in the monthly reviews of all Medication care areas and reports back any violations to Pharmacists on team
19.  Participates in continued education and departmental education sessions.
20.  Performs calculations for volumes of IV admixtures
21.  Performs Pyxis QA checks and completes Pyxis QA inventories.
22.  Prepackages bulk medications into unit dose packaging for dispensing to patients and can maintain and trouble shoot AutoPacker.
23.  Properly disposes all pharmaceuticals including Hazardous and oncology medications.
24.  Receives and dispenses and maintains TALYST Inventory using the scanner technology.
25.  Uses the technology available and only under the supervision of a pharmacists utilize work arounds.
26.  Maintains a National Certification as a Certified Pharmacy Technician or recognized college of Pharmacy and current registration with the Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy, *Unless grandparent provision is allowed for employees prior to July 1, 2002 


  1. 18 years of age and a high school education or the equivalent, or enrolled in a program which awards such a degree or certificate and the ability to read pharmaceutical orders.
  2. Not convicted of a drug related felony or admitted to sufficient facts to warrant such findings.
  3. Have passed a board recognized examination as stated in 247 CMR: Board of Registration in Pharmacy
    1. Board approved pharmacy technician assessment examination.
    2. A current nationally recognized certification (CPhT)
    3. Grandparent provision for experience obtained at Mount Auburn  prior to July 1, 2002
  4. Pharmacy Technicians under supervision of a Pharmacist may transport Schedule II Narcotics
  5. Certified Pharmacy Technicians under the supervision of a Pharmacist may handle and transport Schedule II Narcotics.
  6. Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy Technician Licensure required
  7. Comprehends and applies an understanding of drug and dosage forms.  Knowledge of pharmaceutical and medical terminology desired.  Operates a computer, and computerized technology. (Ability acquired during six months of on-the-job training).
  8. Works accurately under stress with time constraints.  Must concentrate and pay attention to detail greater than 95% of the time and demonstrates an ability to meet deadlines..
  9. Satisfactory completion of a training program to acquire the necessary technical skills to prepare intravenous admixtures. 
  10. Performs work skills carefully and accurately.  Ability to solve day-to-day problems originating within the technical group in conjunction with the pharmacist.
  11. Interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with nurses and patients.
  12. Follows the restrictions as described in the 247 CMR Board of Registration of Pharmacy and wears Pharmacy Technician  or Certified Technician on their hospital ID Badge
 1.         Normal hospital environment.
 2.         Works under constant time deadlines.
 3.         Minimal exposure to caustic agents, acids, and fumes.
 4.         Standing or walking 70% of the time.
 5.         Performs data entry with repetitive hand movement, and visual concentration at video display terminal, in order to review and enter data.