Date Posted
09 / 26 / 2013
Hours Required
40 hours
Information Systems
Associate's Degree Preferred
Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA

Administrative Secretary

Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA


Principal Duties and Responsibilities 1.Inputs/edits deletes various confidential data, including passwords and doctor dictionary information in computer systems, consistent with changes in status of hospital personnel and physician staff. 2.Answers, screens, routes, and relays telephone messages, and initiates telephone calls. a.Answers calls in a consistent and courteous manner, as measured by no complaints from callers. b.Handles routine calls, and routes other calls to the appropriate staff member 95% of the time, as measured by lack of complaints from staff and callers. c.Relays telephone messages with accurate telephone numbers and correct names 95% of the time, as evidenced by lack of complaints from staff. d.Initiates calls with courteous manner, as measured by no complaints from customers. 3.Types various reports, records, forms, bulletins, directives, minutes, policy and procedure changes, personnel records, and other departmental documents. 4.Prepares and maintains a variety of confidential department records, reports, and correspondence, files appointments, etc. Maintains confidentiality 100% of time. Maintains 95% accuracy in the preparation of other documents. 5.Coordinates appointment scheduling for the Director of Information Systems and other Information Systems Department staff members. 6.Maintains monthly meeting schedule, including room arrangements, notifications, and meeting minutes. 7.Files department records including meeting minutes, personnel change forms, password and confidentiality statement forms, policies and procedures, and other records. 8.Orders and maintains an adequate inventory of office supplies and forms for departmental use. 9.Participates in the coverage of other information services office functions, such as duties involved with reception, staffing, payroll, and other secretarial functions as needed. 10.Receives, opens, sorts, and distributes departmental mail, primarily for the Director of Information Systems. Prioritizes and handles mail as appropriate. 11.Works under the supervision of the Director of Information Systems.


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES REQUIRED 1.Ability to type, edit, and process a variety of departmental documents, letters, memoranda, and reports, normally acquired through an Associate's degree in Secretarial Science or equivalent experience. 2.Ability to perform basic mathematical functions and elementary statistical analysis, to assist in the preparation and evaluation of management information. Ability to operate a personal computer and use personal computer software. 3.Interpersonal skills to communicate effectively and tactfully with a variety of staff and visitors, utilizing independent judgment in screening calls and visitors for the Director of Information Systems and Information Systems managers. 4.Ability to concentrate, pay close attention to detail, and meet deadlines when typing and organizing data. WORKING CONDITIONS 1.Physical demands include ability to sit more than six hours per day. 2.Ability to communicate via telephone, orally, and hear conversation more than 50% of the time. 3.Upper extremity demands include ability to perform data entry with repetitive hand movement, and visual concentration at video display terminal, to review and enter data.