April 21, 2015
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Job Title:   Pharmacy Technician Buyer
04 / 01 / 2013
High School or Equivalent Required
Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA

Principal Duties and Responsibilities 1. Accepts special assignments and instructions from supervisor willingly. Routinely volunteers for special assignments/ Completion of at least one special project required for an “exceeds standard” rating. 2. Develops appropriate par levels in assigned areas and continually monitors to ensure continuous availability. 3. Expedites product/service requests ensuring that the products. 4. Maintains and coordinates the acquisition of medications from other institutions and coordinates replacement in a timely manner. 5. Prepares daily reconciliation of vendor orders and compares received goods to invoices, monitors credits, and follows up on any discrepancies. 6. Attends seminars, meetings, and hospital-sponsored educational sessions to keep abreast with market trends, changes in business practice and further professional development. 7. Generates monthly statistical reports. Analyzes trends and makes recommendations regarding continuous improvements related to assigned responsibilities. 8. Maintains effective communications with department directors, managers, physicians and sales representatives to provide and/or obtain information relative to the purchase of pharmacy stock, status of orders. 9. Participates in the development of policies for the purchase of drugs. 10. Reviews contracts to keep abreast with pricing trends. Recommends best value to user departments. Reads books and literature relating to the Materials Management profession, uses information to streamline daily work function and be a knowledgeable resource to departments. Meets with sales representatives to assemble product information. Attends Product Evaluation Committee meetings as necessary. 11. Utilizes hospital information systems to produce reports for monitoring usage of products, and to provide other information needed by directors and managers to review budgets. Completes monthly variance analyses. 12. Maintains a National Certification as a Certified Pharmacy Technician and registered with the Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy. 13. Performs all the activities of a Pharmacy Technician and will fill in when asked. 14. Assists and Coordinates in the daily Inventories and checks within the department and Hospital Medication areas 15. Fills and dispenses pharmaceutical orders for outpatient clinics and coordinates deliveries with the pharmacist 16. Maintains correct inventory counts and maintains pharmacy stock in work areas 17. Receives and dispenses and maintains TALYST Inventory using the scanner technology. 18. Ensures that medication is accurately prepared and labeled with all necessary and appropriate information 19. Performs delivery and pickups of medications and IV solutions to secure areas in a timely manner. 20. Prepares the sterile products room for its daily use. 21. Refills Pyxis Med stations with unit dosages from medication profiles with 95% accuracy and delivers meds to patient units or Pyxis Med stations. 22. Sorts intravenous labels and assures enough intravenous drugs are available for daily operations.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES REQUIRED 1.High school education with ability to read pharmaceutical orders, etc. 2.Comprehends and applies an understanding of drug and dosage forms. Knowledge of pharmaceutical and medical terminology desired. Operates computer and has skills in spreadsheet management, word processing and file management. and a packaging machine (ability acquired during six months of on-the-job training). 3.Works accurately under stress with time constraints. Must concentrate and pay attention to detail 90% of the time. Must meet deadlines. 4.Satisfactory completion of a training program to acquire the necessary technical skills to prepare intravenous admixtures and handle hazardous medications.
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