October 08, 2015
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Job Title:   Pharmacy Technician
03 / 25 / 2013
40 hours
High School or Equivalent Required
Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA

1. Refills Pyxis Medstations with unit dosages from medication profiles with 95% accuracy and delivers meds to patient units or Pyxis Medstations. 2. Performs routine scheduled rounds to nursing units to deliver and pick up new medication orders and intravenous admixtures. a. Completes rounds every hour, Sunday through Saturday. b. Completes rounds in a timely manner, within 15 minutes. 3. Receives, interprets, and fills all copies of medication orders from doctors' order sheet. 4. Inventories medications on patient units in medication rooms, fills the orders, and initiates appropriate charges. 5. Fills and dispenses pharmaceutical orders for outpatient clinics and other hospital departments with a 95% accuracy rate. 6. Compounds prescriptions and bulk stock solutions. 7. Prepackages bulk medications into unit dose packaging for dispensing to patients. 8. Performs daily Pyxis QA checks and completes Pyxis QA reports. 9. Reviews doctors' order book for incomplete medication orders. 10. Takes inventory and maintains pharmacy stock in work areas. 11. Processes daily patient charges and files accordingly. 12. Assures general cleanliness and appearance of the unit dose pharmacy area. 13. Ensures quality standards for the department. 14. Prepares the sterile products room for its daily use. 15. Sorts intravenous labels and assures enough intravenous drugs are available for daily operations. 16. Prepares total parenteral nutrition solutions, intravenous admixtures, and irrigating solutions with a 95% accuracy rate. 17. Reconstitutes, prepares, and labels all injections required for inpatient dispensing. 18. Prepares specialty sterile solutions as required. 19. Reconstitutes antibiotics in bulk to be frozen and dispensed daily. 20. Performs calculations for volumes of admixtures. 21. Checks all order for completeness, accuracy, and incompatibility. 22. Ensures adequate stock of sterile equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, and pharmaceuticals. 23. Prepares extemporaneous pharmaceuticals, both sterile and nonsterile, determined by the pharmacist in response to current needs in the patient care areas.

1. High school education with ability to read pharmaceutical orders, etc. 2. Comprehends and applies an understanding of drug and dosage forms. Knowledge of pharmaceutical and medical terminology desired. Operates an electronic typewriter, a computer, and a packaging machine (ability acquired during six months of on-the-job training). 3. Works accurately under stress with time constraints. Must concentrate and pay attention to detail 90% of the time. Must meet deadlines. 4. Satisfactory completion of a training program to acquire the necessary technical skills to prepare intravenous admixtures.
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