Date Posted
11 / 19 / 2012
Hours Required
7:30a - 4:00p
Radiology Admin
High School or Equivalent Required
Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA

Office Assistant, Radiology

Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA


Principal Duties and Responsibilities 1. Greets patients. a. Greets all patients arriving in Radiology File Department immediately upon arrival. b. Directs patients to appropriate waiting area. c. Displays courteous and friendly manner with all patients. Receives positive feedback from patients. 2. Answers telephones, directs calls, takes messages, uses overhead paging system, responds to routine questions. a. Answers telephones with the standard "Good morning/Good afternoon, Radiology Film Department, this is _______ speaking, may I help you?" b. Answers telephones by the third ring, places calls on hold when necessary. c. Greets callers in cheerful manner, providing assistance, and providing physicians with feedback on the status of their calls. Develops level of skill in utilizing the overhead paging system. 3. Receives and processes requisitions. a. Receives requisitions from other departments within the Hospital. Checks all patients into the Radiology Department throughout shift. b. Prepares requisitions, reviews for completeness. Uses the computer terminal and printer. c. When a Doctor's order is not understood seeks assistance from a supervisor or technologist to prepare requisitions. 4. Files and retrieves Radiology films for the department. a. Pulls folders for the daily appointments scheduled in Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Special procedures, Fluoroscopy, IVP, and Mammography. Pulls films and places in designated holding bins within one hour of receipt of lists. Signs all lists completed. b. Pulls films for Operating Room, GI Unit, conferences, and Firm Rounds. Signs all lists completed. c. Follows developed system for retrieving, filing, and tracking down films. d. Develops problem-solving skills and utilizes them to search for missing films and/or jackets. Checks locations throughout the hospital where films may be located. Queries individual MDs by phone as to the whereabouts of missing films. d. Digitizes and copies films. Follows established procedures for copying films. e. Checks identification on customers signing out films and obtains signed consent from said customers. g. Reports missing films to supervisor. h. Displays helpful and courteous manner with peers and co-workers. 5. Performs routine sign-in and sign-out of MAH Radiology films. a. Handles phone requests for film sign-outs. Obtains all relative information including full names and addresses of physicians the films are going to. Retrieves folder and prepares films for sign-out, placing in appropriate sign-out area. b. Greets patients and or physicians at the door to the file room, keeps file room traffic at a minimum, and signs-out x-rays as needed. Greets individuals in a friendly and helpful manner, processing the sign-out in a timely manner. c. Receives films being returned to the file room, uses the computer to sign in all films, and returns films to jacket and file. d. Checks the "Log-In" bin daily to ensure prompt return of all films to jackets. e. Searches for any missing films that may be needed for sign-out, reporting missing films to supervisor. 6. Logs in and logs out all outside films. a. Logs in all outside mammogram films, checks computer for both mammogram/needle loc appointments and completed exams. Matches outside films with MAH films and forwards to appropriate reviewing authority. Otherwise places films upstairs in the outside mammogram or needle loc box. Checks outside film list and outside film bins daily for films that can be matched up and compared. b. Ensures that the "Log-In" and "Log-Out" bins are empty by the end of shift. 7. Performs "To Be Filed" assignment throughout work shift. a. Ensures that all films being returned to the basement film library are filed appropriately; i.e., filed in a timely manner and filed in order by medical record number. b. Ensures that the "To Be Filed" area is empty at the end of work shift, and that all films have been returned to file. 8. Updates warehouse list daily. a. Adds names to warehouse list as needed. c. Writes clearly and provides complete information pertaining to films needed from the warehouse. d. Travels to warehouse on a daily basis and retrieves films from the list. c. Matches up Temporary and Permanent Jackets. Makes sure that all films are matched up completely, on a daily basis. 9. Performs a variety of related clerical duties. a. Utilizes radiologists' rotation schedule. b. Prints and updates schedules to pull films with. c. Applies “Wet Reading” labels regarding STAT, NO WAIT, and WET READING studies to requisitions before bringing to main interpreting. d. Monitors stock and supplies and maintains a neat and orderly work area. e. Maintains a neat, clean and orderly work area. f. Monitors the "Signed-Out, Not-Read" (DOB512) Box throughout the shift, locating, matching, and forwarding films for interpretation. g. Checks through "Sign-Outs" routinely for x-rays that have been returned, logging them off the computer and returning them to file. h. Answers telephones, directs calls, takes messages, uses in house paging (beeper) system, uses overhead paging system, and responds to routine questions. i. Performs "Pick-Ups" of Radiology films throughout the Radiology Department and other areas of the Hospital during the day. j. Handles written requests, ie: subpoenas, directed to the file room and brings questions to supervisor.


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES REQUIRED 1. Good verbal and written communication skills and some typing, normally acquired through the completion of high school or equivalent. 2. Good interpersonal skills, including a pleasant telephone manner.