Date Posted
10 / 25 / 2012
Hours Required
Sleep Center
High School or Equivalent Required
Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA

Medical Secretary, Sleep Center

Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA


Principal Duties and Responsibilities 1. Prepares and maintains Sleep Center patient records. a. Assures records are kept up to date and all documents are signed off as appropriate. b. Coordinates center/lab records with Dr. Sherry’s office records. c. Creates and maintains optimal filing system for patient records. d. Obtains MD report as required for authorizations for home CPAP. e. Tracks outstanding MD reports, reminding reading MD when test was completed 1 month prior. 2. Confirms Sleep Center appointments. a. Reminds MAH site patients to pre-register with Admitting 3 days prior to the appointment date. 3. Coordinates home CPAP referrals and ongoing management with home respiratory companies to assure timely set up and appropriate follow-up. a. Facilitate follow up appointments with Sleep Center Manager for CPAP initiation and management, as needed. 4. Process necessary paperwork as appropriate, including but not limited: a. Charge tickets (and offsite registration forms when appropriate) b. Patient satisfaction questionnaire (review and collate data) c. Confirmation letters and educational/instructive materials. For MAH site patients, send confirmation letter from Meditech Scheduling. d. Coordinates paper and record flow with Dr. Sherry’s secretary e. Tracks necessary Prior Authorizations (Blue Cross and TUFTS, currently), acquiring the PA documentation and faxing to MAPS Billing. 5. May clean equipment and prepare the bedrooms for studies. a. Maintains order and inventory in supply room at Sancta site. b. Orders supplies needed from Office Depot and the MAH stock room. 6. Assist with answering phone in the sleep Center and may also greet patients coming in for studies. Works with the Sleep physicians to assure timely appointments for evaluations and timely reading of studies/reports at the conclusion. Coordinates follow up with respective medical secretary (Drs. Sherry and Traynor). 7. Schedules Sancta site patients in IDX and the MAH site patients in Meditech Scheduling. Reschedules as necessary. a. Confirms with REGEDIT the completion or cancellation of patients scheduled for the MAH site the day following the scheduled appointment. 8. May maintain statistics for the center. a. Reconcile, weekly, the patients seen in the center against the charge tickets sent to MAPS to assure all patients are properly registered and insurances billed.


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES REQUIRED 1. High school graduate. One to two years of medical secretarial experience, with medical terminology and health care experience and transcription experience preferred. 2. Knowledge of sleep study procedures preferred. 3. Excellent organizational skills required. 4. Verbal and interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with members of the allied health disciplines, patients and patients families. 5. Works accurately under stress.