Date Posted
12 / 18 / 2019
Hours Required
Food & Nutrition
Per Diem
High School or Equivalent Required
Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA

Cafeteria Cashier

Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA


Principal Duties and Responsibilities 

1. Rings in food items being purchased at the appropriate price, weighing and charging for selected items, and handling cash transactions.

2. Retrieves opening cash box from Protection Services.

3. Totals cash and receipts following each meal; makes new bank; takes register readings after each meal.

4. Maintains register, beverage counters, and silverware cart, and writes daily menu on board.

5. Retrieves from Kitchen bakery products, milk, and condiments needed for opening. Responsible for restocking food/paper items for cafeteria operations.

6. Sets up areas for coffee condiments, brews coffee, and assists grill cook.

7. Covers cookies; restocks cups, plastic ware, and napkins; uncovers yogurt condiments.

8. Maintain a clean and sanitary environment with proper sanitizer and cleaners: * cafeteria server area, i.e soup station, salad bar, coffee and fountain beverage, pizza warmer, deli, grill * tables and chairs in the seating area * counters and glass * floor spills or other debris that require attending

9. Stock all items in the service area for immediate customer use and back up during service including but not limited to: * paper supplies- take out containers, silverware, napkins, coffee & cold cups/lids, soup bowls/lids * refrigerated items-all beverages in designated units * novelty items- chips, cookies, ice cream, cake/pies, ect. * condiments, salad dressing, crackers, yogurt bar supplies * salad bar/steam table/deli * coffee preparation- cleans pots at end of shift

10. Restock cafeteria storage area from kitchen store room utilizing par level stock sheet.



1. Ability to operate computerized cash register on a repetitive finger-movement basis. Must be able to receive Brinks deliveries of coins and cash weighing up to 25 lbs.

2. Restocking responsibilities of various food and paper items can weigh between 10 and 35 lbs.

3. Repetitive motion including bending, stretching, reaching overhead, and walking.

4. Ability to read, write, communicate, and comprehend basic English.

5. Ability to perform simple math at a level normally learned in high school. 6. Interpersonal skills to effectively deal with hospital personnel and the general public.


1. Exposure to possible injury due to slippery floors, cuts or abrasions from equipment, or burns.

2. Fast-paced environment.