Date Posted
12 / 13 / 2019
Hours Required
40 Hours
High School or Equivalent Required
Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA

Admitting Coordinator

Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA


Job Description:

1. Greets patients and visitors during 11:00 am - 7:30 pm shift.

a. Acts in a manner that fosters exceptional interpersonal relations and represents the hospital and the department in a positive manner at all times.

b. Greets all patients arriving or care in a friendly and courteous manner. Ascertains the patients' admission or registration needs.

c. Redirects patient to other department as appropriate. Provides clear directions and assistance with wheelchairs, etc., as needed. *reworded this section note changes.

d. Records patient’s name, department of service, arrival time, chief complaint, and directs patient to the waiting area. Notifies departments if patients have arrived or will be late.

e. Ensures all patients in the waiting area are accounted for and provides timely service to assure patients arrive to appointments on time.


2. Interviews patients.

a. Accurately spells patient’s names and obtains accurate date of birth information to name search and select the correct patient and avoid double issuing of medical record numbers. Select scheduled or preed accounts for patient’s, as appropriate.

b. Obtains, verifies, and updates all patient demographic and insurance information. Reviews all patients insurance cards and records insurance information accurately in the computer system in a timely manner. Average times: Admission/observation (10-15 minutes) registrations (4-8 minutes). Fully Complete all necessary data fields to file an accurate admission/registration.

c. Reviews all necessary forms and obtains signatures, consents for? treatment consent to bill, applicable policies, and completes all necessary documents for each patient type, all of the time.

  • Assures that all inpatients/observation patients have been asked for Health Care Proxy information and provides informational handout as required by the Federal Advanced Directive Mandate.
  • Understands and reviews advance directive/health care proxy information with patients as appropriate.
  • Completes all regulatory related paperwork within established timeframes as appropriate.
  • Explains hospital and departmental policies and procedures regarding the most commonly asked questions (parking, television, valuables, etc.), to all patients as appropriate.

d. Proficient in all hospital information system routines and processes for inpatient, observation, and all types of registrations.

e. Identifies (from preadmission cds screen), explains and collects co payments, coinsurance, and deposits. Directs patients to financial office as appropriate for Free Care possibilities or payment options. Records cash and credit card payments ans provides a hospital receipt.

f. Asks all admission/observation patients if they have valuables. Collects, inventories, and secures patient valuables in the hospital safe.


3. Directs patients.

a. Provides accurate directions and directs patients to their appropriate destination, with all appropriate paperwork.

b. Calls Transport, Volunteer staff or may provide assistance for patients who may require special attention in reaching their destination.


4. Processes patient information and floor/bed placements.

a. Follows established procedures and calls the appropriate nursing unit to provide patient related admission information to determine best bed placement options.

b. Insures the appropriate physicians, interns and residents, and nursing staff are notified in a timely manner.

c. Contacts other medical facilities to obtain accurate patient and insurance information and completes the transfer process following hospital and department policies.

d. Maintains timely and accurate hospital-wide bed board and bed update information. Develops and utilizes problem-solving skills and takes the initiative to solve problems to obtain timely discharge and transfer information. Involves appropriate management staff in all departments as needed.

e. Runs a variety of computer-generated reports and schedules in support of the department’s function.

f. Maintains a thorough understanding of computer "downtime and recovery" procedures, and is capable of accurately performs all required tasks.


5. Performs a variety of related office duties.

a. Answers telephone calls by the third ring and handles inquiries in a professional manner by identifying oneself and the department at the start of each call. Places callers on hold when necessary.

b. Answers telephone calls professionally and promptly, “admitting Department, this is ________, may I help you” Places caller on hold when necessary.

c. Receives and distributes messages or transfers calls, as appropriate. Uses paging system appropriately.

d. Accurately receives, logs, and processes, admission, maternity, and observation patient booking sheets and attachments.

e. Calls physician's offices to obtain any missing information.

f. Preadmits patient information into the hospital information system and files completed patient bookings and attachments accurately.

g. Follows established procedures and receives complete/accurate urgent booking information by telephone to complete an admission.

h. Monitors the office laser printer and processes all computer messages within an acceptable timeframe (10 minutes).

  • Emergency admission orders
  • Newborn admission orders
  • Intents, transfers and discharges
  • Doctor/service changes
  • Observation and inpatient "flips"
  • Advance directives i. Types replacement wristbands and embossed cards.

j. Reviews admission/registration computer paperwork for errors/omissions and provides information to staff or other departments, as needed. Processes corrections in the hospital information system.

k. Cleans and maintains a neat and orderly work area and department


6. Processes patient expirations.

a. Receives telephone calls or computer messages of patient deaths and reviews them in a timely manner.

b. Ensures the patient's medical record is brought to the department.

c. Reviews all deaths for possible medical examiner's notification and contacts physicians/interns/residents, following State Guidelines.

d. Assists physicians and calls patients' families to complete autopsy consent forms, following hospital policies.

e. Calls the New England Organ Bank and notifies them of all patient deaths following established federal guidelines.

f. Reviews all death certificates/fetal death reports for completeness in accordance with Massachusetts State Regulations.

g. Ensures the accurate release of deceased patients, valuables, and belongings to funeral homes or to the state medical examiner, following established procedures.


7. Reviews and keeps informed of all updates and changes in hospital, departmental, cashier's office procedures, third-party billing requirements, and regulatory requirements. Incorporates changes into work routines.


8. Contributes constructive ideas and suggestions to improve departmental services.


9. Provides assistance with the orientation and training of new staff to all department functions. Follows orientation plan with manager.


10. Assists in the maintenance of departmental equipment and supplies, and notifies manager of any equipment malfunctions or unsafe working conditions.


11. Enhances professional growth and development by attending hospital continuing education programs, listed under "Development Objectives." Attends hospital inservices, as required.


12. Works all shifts, including weekends and holidays, as needed or scheduled.


Job Requirements:

1. High school graduate, or equivalent, with one year of experience in a hospital patient registration setting. Third-party billing experience preferred.


2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills to effectively interact with patients and all levels of hospital staff, and typing skills to utilize computer systems and equipment.


3. Ability to work independently, and pay attention to detail, with a high level of accuracy 100% of the time.

4. Able to work from 11:00 am until 7:30 pm