Golden Entertainment Team Member Transfer Career Page

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Team Members are eligible to transfer within the company (including other Golden Entertainment-owned properties) so long as they:

  • successfully completed their current job's introductory period**
  • have not received a "Last and Final" warning and/or a disciplinary suspension via the Company's corrective counseling process (including attendance) within a rolling twelve (12) months of the date the application for transfer was submitted
  • are not currently on a company-issued action plan

**an Team Member may apply for a transfer before successful completion of an introductory period if the job opening falls under the same division head as his/her current job


Team Members interested in a transfer must apply online using the internal career site. If a current Team Member applies for a position using an external application, the application will not be considered. Applying for a job does not guarantee an interview and/or selection.

Team Members may apply for up to three (3) job openings at a time. However, an Team Member may only be considered for one (1) position at a time. If an Team Member applies for more than one position at a time, the company shall reserve the right to select which of the three positions the person will be considered for first.

Team Members may withdraw their application(s) for transfer at any time during the recruitment process via the online career site.

While completing the application for transfer, an Team Member is required to select his/her current manager's name, which will automatically notify the current manager of the Team Member's desire to transfer. Team Members shall have no expectation that a transfer application will remain confidential from his/her current management team.