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Job Title:   F&B Sous Chef
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Full-Time Regular
Food & Beverage


Responsible for overseeing restaurant kitchen(s) production and service, ensuring that safety, quality, quantity and appearance standards are met.  He/she is also responsible for the supervision and direction of other cooks in the kitchen(s) and running the operation in the absence of the Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef.  Cooks on the line and delegates food orders to be prepared in an order to facilitate customer service.  Ensures that all work is done quickly and is coordinated with other workers 

 SPECIFIC DUTIES PERFORMED:   This list of tasks is illustrative ONLY and is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and tasks performed by positions in this class. It does not imply that all positions within the class perform all of the duties listed, nor does it necessarily list all possible duties that may be assigned.

  1. Report daily to Executive Sous Chef or Executive Chef and relay station information and updates.
  2. Have thorough understanding of allergens and risk factors when dealing with special orders.
  3. Have excellent leadership skills including the ability to train, mentor, and direct staff.
  4. Proficient to use kitchen equipment on a daily basis, such as: deep fryer, large tilt skillet, soup kettle, griddle, grill, steamer, convection oven, Alto-Sham electric oven, rotisserie oven, electric slicer, Robot Coupe (commercial food processor), cup blender, immersion blender, and Hobart mixing machine.
  5. Basic understanding of food cost, labor cost, contribution margin, and other factors which directly affect net profit.
  6. Responsible for the cleanliness of walk-in and reach in coolers and walk-in freezers.
  7. Oversee production ensuring that safety, quality, quantity and appearance standards are met.
  8. Maintain sanitation levels in accordance with Yakama Nation, local and state of WA health department regulations.
  9. Coordinates serving party times and quantities to be served with Banquet Supervisor so production is scheduled as reservations dictate.
  10. Ensure the best and most productive performance of the Buffet, Employee Dining Room (EDR), Pasta Station, Omelet Station, Dessert Station and Main Kitchen so as not to impede service when serving in house parties or special events.
  11. Responsible for assisting in the efficient kitchen operation by cooking on-line, prep work, relieving breaks, controlling quality and portions.
  12. Coordinates work stations and rotates food products for maximum quality.
  13. Trains personnel through ongoing instruction, leads by example and develops personnel for advancement
  14. Oversee cleaning of kitchen and equipment and closing sanitation standards.
  15. Responsible for stations cleanliness and organization.
  16. Supervises by working closely with staff to ensure the smooth operation of all outlets.
  17. Oversee kitchen safety by monitoring and training associates in proper equipment use and technique, proper food holding temperatures and proper food storage.
  18. Maintains quality control over hot and cold food and storage areas.
  19. Monitors production assignments and arranges for staff in the event of outs and shortages.
  20. Ensure that all food items are served in an attractive manner and garnished and decorated properly. 
  21. Able to forecast product usage, format a daily plan on utilizing prior days prep.
  22. Assist in scheduling of staff on a weekly basis.
  23. Assist in maintaining monthly inventory counts.
  24. Places “inside” orders as needed to have appropriate set par levels following the order guide or food needed for special parties or events.
  25. Know the location and operation of all fire extinguishers.
  26. Practice safety standards and report any unsafe working conditions to the Executive Sous Chef or Executive Chef.
  27. Recognize quality standards in fresh vegetables and fruit.
  28. Advanced training in knife skills and thorough understanding of kitchen operations.
  29. Knowledge of herbs and spices and proper use of each.
  30. Must be able to follow a standardized recipe and maintain recipe portions and presentation for consistency in taste.
  31. Directs prep and maintenance of cold food department which includes decorative show pieces and platters.
  32. Ability to work any Buffet Station, Deli or EDR as required.
  33. Assure that all food is wrapped and labeled after preparation, closing times, for proper food rotation and to meet sanitation standards.
  34. Expresses a positive desire to advance in the culinary field.
  35. Use proper etiquette when dealing with guests.
  36. Proactively helps guests resolve concerns; particularly when the guest has not been satisfied and strives for win-win resolutions.
  37. Models for the team, a strong work ethic and is visible, available and present for the guest and their team.
  38. Ensures sanitary food handling procedures are adhered to.
  39. Builds relationships inside and outside of their department/team to improve ways of working and provide a great guest experience.
  40. Able to work all shifts - weekends, nights, and holidays.



MINIMUM EDUCATION REQUIRED FOR POSITION:  High school diploma or GED equivalent required.  Culinary school graduate (ACF accredited) preferred.  Candidate must have minimum of two (2) years experience in supervising a crew of 12 or more staff in a high volume culinary and commercial/industrial kitchen or full service restaurant.  Current valid food handler’s cared or HACCP certified.  Must be certified in ServSafe Sanitation or MUST obtain ServSafe within 90 days of being hired.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  Must be able to work on feet; walk, stand, stoop or bend for a duration of eight (8) hours or more.  Must be able to lift more than 40 lbs.  Works in a temperature controlled kitchen, exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures.
WORK HAZARDS:  Hot surfaces, steam, wet floors, heavy lifting, sharp knives, kitchen noise.
SPECIFIC SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE REQUIRED FOR POSITION:At least two years cooking experience in a dinner house.  Able to sauté, cook, broil, grill, and steam.  Has experience in fish filleting, cutting, and able to produce a variety of soups and sauces from scratch.  Must be fast and be able to handle up to thirty-five orders at a time.  Good communication skills a must.  Has patience and can train others.  MUST be certified in sanitation (ServSafe) and hold a valid food handler’s card. 

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