Job Title:   Part Time Security Officer
08 / 01 / 2013
Westfield Center

JOB SUMMARY: Implements the Westfield Group’s security plan and standard operating procedures.  Patrols and inspects company buildings to protect them against fire, theft, vandalism and illegal entry.  Acts as the central communication center during non-business hours.

A.  ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (Listed in order of importance, frequency or sequence, 1=most important/frequent, etc.). NOTE:  Indicate non-essential accountabilities with an asterisk*.  All other functions are “absolutely necessary for this job”.

1. Implements standard operating procedures for personnel and property protection for company-owned buildings.  Makes recommendations to the Manager, Corporate Security, Safety and Compliance regarding policies and procedures.
2. Secures all buildings and initiates alarm systems.  Accesses the company’s key file.  Inspects company-owned buildings on foot and in company vehicles; patrols the computer room area.  Monitors security cameras as needed.  Maintains and submits duty log of their tour of assigned duty.
3. Monitors employee access and fire alarm systems for company facilities.  Interprets system messages and utilizes system features, distinguishes between emergency and non-emergency situations.  Notifies proper personnel and service/maintenance support systems when necessary.  Participates in routine alarm tests to ensure systems are functioning properly.
4. Monitors the Security entrance and telephone.  Assists approved visitors during non-working hours.  Monitors outside contractors working on company property.  Releases visitor’s badges for the Data Processing Center within controlled guidelines.
5. Inspects portable fire extinguishers per NFPA standards.  Completes fire extinguisher inspections on a regular basis.  Inspects exit lights, emergency lights, eyewash and safety showers and first aid kits and reports any issues of concerns or malfunctions.  Conducts safety inspections when called upon.
6. Receives 911 emergency calls and contacts the sheriff’s office for emergency situations. Responds to all calls for assistance on company-owned properties, including employee escorts, jump-starts and vehicle lockouts and other calls for assistance as needed.
7. Carries out emergency plans for the protection of company personnel and property.  Prepares and submits Incident Reports on all injuries, accidents and security incidents on company-owned property.  Requests assistance if a threat of violence is made, a building is found open, or another potentially dangerous situation arises.
8. Implements investigation and surveillance procedures for the safeguarding of sensitive company-owned information and vital assets.
9. Investigates theft, vandalism, arson, sabotage, bomb threats, acts of violence and other related occurrences on company premises and prepares a written Incident report.
10. Enforces the traffic, parking, and pedestrian safety programs for the Home Office.
11. Monitors and inspects CCTV equipment to ensure proper performance, and reports any malfunctions as needed.
12. Answers Inn doorbell and responds to requests for assistance from Inn guests when called upon.
13. Monitors National Weather Service, police and local radio stations for severe weather information.  Alerts employees and guests in all buildings of approaching severe weather conditions within approved guidelines.  Calls in the snow removal crew as specified in the snow procedure.
14. Dispatches pool cars for employees and guests when arrangements have not been made in advance.  Calls in drivers when needed.
15. Receives after-hours deliveries when prior arrangements have been made.
16. Performs other duties as assigned.

1.    Is subject to be called in for serious emergency situations.
2.    Must have a valid driver’s license and a driving record that conforms to company standards.
3.    Must have a High School Diploma or GED.
4.    Can complete all of the departmental training courses necessary for state certification, re-certification, or professional development.

1. Ability to operate a motor vehicle
2. Ability to operate a computer
3. Ability to respond quickly to a variety of emergency situations
4. Ability to ascend and descend stairs quickly in emergency situations
5. Ability to lift up to 50 lbs
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