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Title:   Scrub Technician
03 / 20 / 2013
Saint Thomas Surgicare

Job Summary: 
1.     Provides technical assistance during procedures in the operating room.
2.     Provides patient care with prevailing national and state standards of practice and the policies of St. Thomas Surgicare
3.     Prepares equipment and supplies prior to cases.
4.     Communicates appropriate information to other team members.
5.     Helps to maintain equipment, supplies, and cleanliness of unit as a whole.
6.     May have additional responsibilities as designated by the clinical director and administrator, which include, but are not limited to, assisting other srcub technicians and OR personnel with their cases, patient care in other perioperative departments, serving on committees, participating in EDGE Performance Improvement projects, and Medical Records review.

Job Specifications:
1.     High school graduate, also may be license as LVN or RN
2.     Certified as OR technician preferred
3.     Basic life support certification required
4.     3 years experience in the OR setting required
5.     Strong background in ENT and Orthopaedics preferred
6.     Demonstrates necessary clinical competency and teaching capabilities
7.     Physically and emotionally capable of performing responsibilities of position.

Job Requirements: 
1.      Must be physically able to lift, stand and able to walk for long periods of time
2.     Must have good communication and interpersonal skills
3.     Must be able to work under physical and mental stress
4.     Must have understanding of aseptic technique
5.     Ability to adapt to change
6.     Must have a strong knowledge base relative to surgical procedures
7.     Able to care for patients from infancy to geriatrics
8.     Demonstrates manual dexterity, visual acuity and ability to anticipate surgeon/physician's needs
9.     Must have good understanding of anatomy, surgical procedures and instrumentation.
10.   Maintains professional conduct and appearance
11.   Demonstrates emotional stability, self-motivation, and the ability to make independent decisions and to suggest alternative solutions to problems encountered
12.   Demonstrates ability to work in a team approach with other members of nursing, anesthesia, OR personnel and business staff members
13.   Demonstrates concern and caring attitude towards all patients
Job Responsibilities:
1.     Knows and adheres to policies of St. Thomas Surgicare
2.     Demonstrates fiscal responsibility with the supplies and equipment
3.     Follows standards, policies, procedures, goals and objectives for perioperative patient care according to accepted standards of the Association of Surgical Technologists' recommended Standards of Practice
4.     Provides technical assistance during surgical procedures according to physician's needs
5.     Maintains and demonstrates current skills, knowledge and competency in aseptic technique, proper scrub technique, cleaning and preparation of equipment and operating room
6.     Enacts patient and family centered care, including a wellness-centered approach to care
7.     Remains calm and functions as a team member during times of stress and crisis situations
8.     Seeks involvement in activities that promote professional growth and behavior
9.     Actively participates on appropriate committees and EDGE activities
10.   Follows OSHA and other standards for protection against injury and blood borne pathogens.
11.   Uses good body mechanics and aseptic technique consistently
12.   Informs Clinical Director, Charge Nurse, and/or Administrator of applicable day-to-day situations
13.   Follows employee health and other personnel and staffing policies
14.   Adheres to the Rules and Regulations of St. Thomas Surgicare
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