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Job Title:   Security Emergency Medical Technician
Sycuan Casino

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
(Note: Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted, or changed at the sole discretion of Sycuan Management at any time)
  1. Administers first aid treatment to sick or injured persons by responding to area, determining nature and extent of illness or injury, establishing first aid procedures to be followed or needed, basing decisions on statements of persons involved, examination of victim and knowledge of emergency medical practice, administering oxygen, treatment of minor wounds or abrasions, and/or administering artificial resuscitation, obtaining and recording information related to victim's vital statistics and circumstances of emergency, referring victim to appropriate medical facility, and serving as Emergency Response Team Members. - 30%
  2. Ensures availability of emergency medical equipment and supplies by performing routine assessments of emergency medical equipment, ensuring oxygen cylinders levels are full, and replenishing medical bags with first aid equipment and supplies, following established procedures. -20%
  3. Provides written account of security and medical-related activities by documenting incidents in and around casino, preparing reports on criminal activities for law enforcement agencies, and creating reports on the care and treatment administered to sick or injured persons. -20%
  4. Protects Sycuan assets and personnel by escorting personnel transporting monies, papers, chips and other valuable assets, escorting repair and maintenance personnel into secured areas of the casino, and assisting with Bill Acceptor problems. -10%
  5. Maintains adherence to specified casino safety and access policies by issuing temporary badges to vendors and visitors, identifying security and safety risks, reporting risks, discouraging panhandling, loitering and sleeping on casino property, identifying under age visitors, requesting that they vacate the casino, and physically subduing disruptive guests if necessary according to established procedures. -10%
  6. Provides guest service by assisting internal and external guests with questions and directions. -10%
Supervisory/Managerial Accountability:
Direct:     None
Indirect:  None

Education and Experience:
  • High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  • Current County of San Diego EMT-B certification
  • Current BLS Provider CPR certification
  • Security/law enforcement experience 
  • EMT experience
  • Casino security experience
  • California POST certification
Skills and Knowledge:
  • Basic knowledge of security and patrol procedures
  • Working knowledge of San Diego County EMS protocols
  • Ability to evaluate unusual situations and make sound judgments
  • Ability to lift and move patients
  • Ability to physically subdue disruptive guests
  • Ability to appear for work on time
  • Ability to effectively communicate with guests and team members
  • Ability to communicate effectively in the English language
  • Ability to maintain professionalism and composure
  • Ability to understand and follow verbal directives and written directions
  • Ability to accept constructive criticism
  • Ability to walk and stand for up to 12 hours at a time
  • Ability to bend and stoop
  • Ability to compose written documents in the English language
  • Ability to work in a smoking environment
  • Working knowledge of MS Word and Excel 
  • Knowledge of California Penal Codes
  • Multi-lingual 
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