State   GA
City   Marietta
Job Title   Project Supervisor II

Project Supervisor II


Project Supervisor II

Project Supervisors manage teams, develop detailed and documented work instructions, and train team members for inspection , sorting , containment and rework projects.  
Sorting and inspection work can include visual inspection, touch point inspection, or use of measuring equipment to determine conformity of a part. Rework projects eliminate known defects and include work such as deburring or replacing a component part.

Duties and Responsibilities Include:

  • Interacts with customer and solves elementary issues

  • Responsible for ensuring all teams within assigned location(s) are operating according to standards and requirements including safety.
  • Train and educate Team Leaders and Inspectors on proper procedures relevant to the project.
  • Sort parts in order assess the process and provide necessary training and direction to team members as well as meet the location’s production requirements.
  • Develop work instructions and confirm team conformance to the job set up and communicate any criteria changes to customer service department.
  • Meet with customer contact at the beginning of each new project and continue to maintain and manage customer relationships.
  • Report any non-conformances to the Quality Department and work to identify, investigate and correct any non-conformances.


Adaptability and dependability are crucial to being successful as a Project Supervisor

Qualified candidates will possess a valid driver’s license as well as the ability to:

Effectively use computer programs such as Excel and Outlook on a daily basis
Travel on day and overnight trips.
Work flexible hours on various shifts based on project and business demands.
Perform on-call duties.
Meet the following Physical Requirements:

  • Lift up to 25 lbs
  • Stand for up to 12 hours

Project Supervisor Qualifications:
Associates degree or equivalent work experience
Seasoned supervisor; 3+ years of automotive or quality experience
Experience in dealing with business to business customer relations
Experience leading a team and dealing with employee relations issues
Pre- employment screening includes a drug screen and criminal background check.