Sandia Administration
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Position Summary
Responsible for maintaining a safe and secure environment for all patrons, associates, and company assets to fulfill the goals and objectives of the Security Department, Sandia Resort and Casino and the Pueblo of Sandia.
Supervision Exercised
Under direct supervision while working with the Security Lieutenant, and Security Sergeant.
Major Duties and Responsibilities
1.          Provide customer service and assistance to patrons and employees of the casino and to members of the Pueblo of Sandia.
2.          Provide for the safety and security of Pueblo and casino monetary and material assets.
3.          Provide for the safety and security of associates, patrons, buildings, grounds and any and all property belonging to Sandia Resort and Casino and its patrons.
4.          Responsible for deterring theft, vandalism, fire and illegal entry using procedures prescribed by the Chief of Security.
5.          Responsible for performing foot or mobile patrol of buildings, grounds and other designated areas, indoors and outdoors, on a flexible schedule as directed by supervisory personnel.
6.          Responsible for identifying and reporting equipment failures, broken fixtures, medical emergencies and any other irregularities noted during assigned shift. 
7.          On request, or by direction, provide security escort services for patrons to and from their vehicles.
8.          When directed, provide security escort services for money transfers throughout the casino complex.
9.          Provide witness and money verification services when directed.
10.       Report and assist in medical emergency situations as required or directed.
11.       Responsible for attending prescribed training when scheduled.
12.       If directed and deemed necessary, testify in a court of law.
13.       Perform duties in accordance with the Standard and Emergency Operating Procedures of the Security Department.
Secondary Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Perform additional duties and responsibilities as required or assigned including assignments in the Security Dispatch Center:
A. Monitors security, facilities, slots and transportation radios.
B. Dispatches officers and casino departments to requested areas.
C. Answers telephones, taking messages from officers calling in sick/late.
D. Makes emergency calls according to emergency situations in or around the casino.
E. Lost & found - keeping track of all lost and found items for the end of the month inventory, which is also taken care of by dispatch.
F. Files everyday paperwork turned in by officers at the end of their designated shift.
G. Transportation:
a. Taking requests for transportation pick-ups when requested by the                     Transportation Department.
b. Verifying customers’ registrations at hotels/motels.
H. Key Control: Distributing keys to officers as well as other departments; 
I. keeps track of where the keys are at all times.
J. Distributes radio units and flashlights. Maintains radio equipment in working order.
K. Performs clerical duties. Relieves Administration support unit when necessary.
L. Performs data entry of security radio transmissions inside and outside the casino.
M. Performs additional duties and responsibilities as necessary, or assigned.
N. Report writing when required.
O. Responsible for notifying chain of command when emergencies occur.
P. Issues temporary identifications for employees when the Administrative Support Unit is not available.
Q. Monitors Security Surveillance cameras.
R. Responsible for keeping necessary log sheets available for officers.
S. Issues out report numbers for security department, always keeping track of information required for reports.
T. Controls the distribution of the Project 21 and Project 18 wristbands
U. Performs errands for Lieutenants, Sergeants, and upper management when necessary.
V. Responsible for providing other departments with necessary information.
W. Types memos when requested by upper management.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  1. Ability to maintain a courteous and professional attitude when interacting with customers, associates. and members of the Pueblo of Sandia.
  2. Ability to investigate accidents and prepare written, legible accident/incident reports for submission to supervisory and management personnel.
  3. Ability to acquire and maintain certification in Basic First Aid and CPR through training provided by Sandia Resort and Casino.
  4. Ability and willingness to work under direct supervision for extended periods of time which could include odd and unusual hours, flexible shift rotation and weekends.
  5. Ability to work effectively within the guidelines set forth in the Pueblo of Sandia Employee Handbook and Security Department Standard and Emergency Operating Procedures.
  6. Ability and willingness to maintain personal vehicle licensing and insurance requirements.
  7. Ability and willingness to operate official vehicles in a safe and law-abiding manner when so assigned.
  8. Ability to communicate accurately and effectively using radios, telephones and computers.
  9. Ability to carry out directives and requests in a consistently professional manner.
  10. Ability to perform the physical requirements stipulated for a security officer employed at Sandia Casino.


Minimum Qualifications, Education and Experience
  1. Minimum High School Diploma or GED Certification required (no waivers).
  2. Minimum of six (6) months security experience is desirable, preferably in an Indian Gaming Facility environment.
  3. A minimum of six (6) months experience in a customer oriented environment wherein the prospective associate had to interact with customers and associates on a daily basis in solving issues and providing prompt and courteous services (no waivers).
  4. A valid New Mexico State Driver's License preferred.
Licensing Status
Must be able to obtain and maintain a STGC Gaming License at the Key employee level.