Sandia Resort
Job Code
Pay Rate
Food & Beverage
Employment Status



Position Summary
Under limited supervision, direct and/or perform activities in support of the banquet operation for food preparation, display and storage.
Supervision Exercised
Supervised by the Executive Sous Chef/Banquet Chef. 
Leads Cooks, Cook Helpers and additional personnel as assigned.
Major Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Assists the Executive Sous Chef/Banquet Chef with the training of line cooks and with the preparation of: Weekly work schedules and daily break schedules for the pantry staff. Daily foodproduction schedule (conforming to cover forecast) and work assignments Kitchen recipes preparation Storeroom requisition preparation to maintain par levels.
  2. Assures that all kitchen staff works in a sanitary, safe and productive manner, adheres to our standard recipes and plating instructions and prepares quality food, in a timely fashion conforming to the daily production schedule for soups, sauces, entrãe items, vegetables.
  3. Assure that all food going out on the service line is excellent regarding preparation, taste and presentation. 
  4. Assures that all kitchen employees co-operate with both: other kitchen employees as well as restaurant service employees, to assure the best guest service possible.
  5. Assures that all kitchen work stations and storage areas are always kept in clean and orderly condition.   Assigns daily cleaning tasks to kitchen staff. Advises chef or sous chef of any necessary equipment repairs and follows up that repairs are done in a timely manner.
  6. Ensure proper temperature requirements are maintained and temperature logs are completed.
  7. Ensure personnel maintain the highest standard of personnel sanitation.
  8. Investigate and resolve customer complaints about food quality/service.
  9. Responsible for the opening and closing of the kitchen as necessary.
  10. Knowledge of proper safe handling temperatures of food products.
  11. Ensure safety and latex gloves are worn when appropriate.
  12. Ensure the correct amount of food is prepared. Do not overproduce to protect against waste.
  13. Perform additional duties and responsibilities as necessary or assigned.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
1.          Ability to supervise and direct the work of employees.
2.          Ability to exercise sound personnel management practices while illustrating firm dispositions in dealing with employee issues.
3.          Exhibiting a strong motivational commitment to the organization.
4.          Ability to write and prepare standard reports and documents.
5.          Knowledge of buffet line operations.
6.          Knowledge of minimum temperature requirements for food/drink preservation.
7.          Knowledge of Casino purchasing requirements and regulations desirable.
8.          Knowledge of Tribal, Federal, State and local sanitary regulations regarding the preparation, maintenance, storage and sales of food/drink products.


Minimum Qualifications, Education and Experience
  1. High school diploma or GED Certification
  2. Two (2) years experience in a restaurant or food service capacity.
  3. One (1) year of supervisory experience required.
  4. Must complete New Mexico Indian Health Food Handlers course.
Licensing Status
Must be able to successfully pass a Background Investigation.