Pueblo of Sandia
Job Code
Pay Rate
$13.00 -$16.77/hourly
Employment Status



Position Summary

Primarily responsible for maintaining positive home/school relations, health and safety, learning and developmental activities, individualization, and positive disciple to the students in their care.  Apply skills of the professional educator in the design and development of high quality learning environment in order to provide developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for children 6 weeks to 6 years of age. To provide opportunities for parents and the community to develop an understanding of young children’s growth and development in order to become informed decision-makers regarding their child’s educational career.

Supervision Exercised

Reports to the Childhood Development Administrator

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Provides a high quality, individualized developmentally appropriate, educational program for children 6 weeks to 6 years of age.
  2. Provides daily documentation to families on the care of their children.
  3. Uses a variety of tools to document and report children’s academic/cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth, including authentic documentation and assessments tri-annually.
  4. Interacts with parents as partners in home and center conferences on a quarterly basis for the development of the child’s individualized education plan.
  5. Implements a research based curriculum model for long term planning including use of the approved lesson planning process.
  6. Implements lessons that support learning in the following domains: logic & reasoning, math, science, social studies, physical development, health, social & emotional development, creative arts, approaches to learning, language development and literacy.
  7. Designs developmentally appropriate learning environments as a tool for promoting quality learning experiences.
  8. Assists service providers with referrals and documentation in order to identify needed specialized services including integration of services in the classroom setting.
  9. Supports nutrition goals and family style eating model of the Child and Adult Federal Food Program (CACFP).
  10. Provides transportation services either as a bus driver or bus aide following all federal, state, and tribal laws and regulations.
  11. Participates in planned professional development training opportunities.
  12. Ensures that all learning environments meet tribal health and safety codes and that planned activities promote healthy lifestyle choices for children and their families.
  13. Provides assistance in all classrooms as needed to support the Early Childhood Program to ensure a high quality program environment.
  14. Supports all policies and procedures as stated in the DR-Tribal Administration-Department of Education-Child Development Center.
  15. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

Secondary Duties and Responsibilities


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Knowledge of principles and methods for: a) curriculum development, b) developmentally appropriate teaching strategies, c) differentiating instruction and d) developmentally appropriate assessment and evaluation. 
  2. Knowledge of child growth and development stages of children birth through 6 years of age.
  3. Effective communication and active listening skills.
  4. Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues, parents, families, and service providers.
  5. Ability to evaluate and analyze problems/situations and develop effective solutions.
  6. Willingness to assume responsibility for monitoring/assessing own performance for purpose of individual growth and/or corrective action.
  7. Respect for cultural beliefs, values and traditions of the Pueblo of Sandia.
  8. Knowledge of the requirements for safe transportation of young children.
  9. Knowledge of the requirements for safe and healthy meals, service preparation, delivery and clean-up.


Minimum Qualifications, Education and Experience


  1. High School Diploma, GED certification or equivalent.
  2. Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education or related field from an accredited college or university.
  3. The following certification is required prior to employment start date:
    1. 1st Aid and CPR Certification.
  4. Must possess and maintain a valid, unrestricted New Mexico Driver’s License.



  1. Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education.
  2. Two (2) years’ experience in an Early Childhood setting.

Licensing Status

  1. Must be able to successfully pass a Background and Character Investigation in compliance with PL 101.630.
  2. Will require a post-offer, pre-employment and random drug screening.
  3. Must successfully complete the New Mexico Food Handlers course within 30 days  of hire date.

Working Conditions

  1. Work is performed indoors and outdoors. Outside work is subject to temperature extremes and inclement weather conditions.
  2. Attend trainings for and maintain:  Food Handlers Certification, 1st Aid and CPR, and Blood Borne Pathogens certifications.
  3. Work hours subject to change with overtime work required.
  4. Subject to hazards which may cause personal bodily harm; diseases, cuts; bruises, burns, common cold, influenza, dust, odors, bodily fluids, and elevated noise levels.
  5. Tasks may be performed on uneven, inclined, hard and soft carpeted floors, cement structures and surfaces.
  6. Duties may involve walking, standing for long periods of time, sitting and crouching.