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Job Title:   Food & Beverage Supervisor
Riviera Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

Oversees food and beverage operations on their shift.

Example of Duties (includes but is not limited to the following):

1. Ensure maximum guest satisfaction by consistently maintaining a high level of service and correct operation procedures.

2. Ensure staffing requirement is adhered to.

3. Present a professional manner at all times.

4. Handle all guest complaints.

5. Administer all disciplinary actions on their shift.

6. Full knowledge of all other departments as they relate to the food and beverage operation and interact with them when necessary to coordinate activities and correct problems.

7. Supervise, plan and direct daily activities of managers.

8. Ensure that managers comply with all rules, regulations and procedures.

9. Ensure all incidents are reported to the Food and Beverage Director accurately and in detail.

10. Ensure a safe working environment for all employees.

11. Promote teamwork.

12. Perform other related duties as requested.

Typical Physical/Mental Demands: Requires mobility one hundred (100%) percent of shift; ability to lift and carry items weighing up to forty (40) pounds; requires bending and/or reaching from floor level to approximately six (6) feet in height; requires eye/hand coordination and manual dexterity; ability to distinguish letters and symbols; work accurately with intermediate math; requires basic office equipment skills (calculator, beeper and telephone); requires normal vision and hearing range and absence of color blindness; ability to communicate directly, telephonically, electronically and by transcription with guests, general public, management and staff in English; and understands and complies with policies and procedures, job description, daily memorandums, chemical labels and other instructions.

Typical Working Conditions: Work is performed in all food and beverage areas of the property; requires exposure to cleaning solvents and chemicals sanitation; customer contact required; contact with staff and other departments; and must be tolerant to varying conditions of noise level, temperature, illumination and air quality.

Performance Requirements (knowledge, skills and abilities): Ability to read, write and speak verbally in English; excellent organizational, coordination, communication and people skills; knowledge of collective bargaining unions; knowledge of food and beverage industry; ability to perform intermediate math; skill in English grammar and spelling; working knowledge and skills of positions under supervision; ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information; skill in developing and maintaining guest relations; ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with management, staff and co-workers; pleasant personality, team oriented and enjoys working with and assisting people; and ability to understand commands, questions and instructions from supervisors and co-workers.

Education: High school education or equivalent

Experience: Minimum three (3) years food and beverage management.

Certificate/License: Clark County Health Card; and Alcohol Awareness Card.

Alternative to Minimum Qualifications: None
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