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Job Title:   Casino Cashier (PT)
The Atlantic Club Casino Hotel
Atlantic City, NJ

  • Takes responsibility for one of the following banks:  Main Bank, Check Bank, Chip Bank or Front Line.
  • Maintains the accountability and inventory of specific bank throughout the shift.
  • Conducts transactions with patrons, other cashiers and/or security personnel and is responsible for maintaining an accurate audit trail of all transactions affecting their assigned bank.
  • Counts down bankroll and reconciles to the accountability at the end or each shift.
  • Assigns the bank to the oncoming shift.
  • Conducts daily activities consistent with internal control policies.
  • Answers questions and otherwise assists patrons in a manner consistent with Atlantic Club Casino Hotel'sstandards.
  • Provides prompt, courteous and efficient service to all patrons.
  • Explains slot promotional programs to potential customers.
  • Hands out information brochures to players.
  • Keeps informed of all slot promotional activities and events, as well as departmental policies and procedures.
  • Sets up VIP accounts and issues VIP cards to both slot and table game patrons.
  • Does not identify patrons or groups of patrons to receive complimentaries based on actual patron play, authorize such complimentaries or determine the amount of such complimentaries.
  • Reconciles imprest funds.
  • This position will only function as a Cashier in one department (Slot Cashiering or Casino Cage) during any shift.



-         High school diploma or equivalent preferred.

-         One (1) to three (3) years related experience preferable but not required.

-         Good communication skills, organizational ability and judgment.


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