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Title:   Project Engineer
Full Time
Corporate HQ


Position Title:  Project Engineer
Position Objective:
To support the technical management needs of a defined project, through assigned objectives; Capital and Expense initiatives.
Essential Function:
The Project Engineer will contribute to the development of a capital / expense plan.  In the support of this activity the Project Engineer shall assist the Director of Engineering to sustain the following:

  • Maintain an accurate facility master drawing in ACAD format.
  • Prepare concept drawings and detailed support drawings as directed to support the capital activities of the facility.
  • Maintain a current 5, 6, and 7 day Percent of Capacity based on annual and peak month production forecast.
  • Contribute to the preparation for and budget as requested in support of directed capital expenditures.
  • Contribute as a Project Leader or as a Team Member as Directed by Director of Engineering or his assignee, as it relates to the implementation of said Capital activity.
  • Provide on site direction through the installation phase of a capital; all or in part, as directed by the Director of Engineering or his assignee.
  • The Project Engineer will provide the plants with solid engineering reviews of new and or changed equipment and processes as assigned.
  • Other Requirements as Assigned by Director of Engineering or his assignee.

The Project Engineer is assist with closing the technical understanding gap at the plant thereby allowing for timely and effective problem solving.  Contributes to the continuous improvement initiatives related to but not limited to as time permits or as assigned as approved project:

  1. Line efficiency goal attainment
  2. Paste Yield goal attainment
  3. Safety goal attainment
  4. Labor cost goal attainment
  5. Quality goal attainment
  6. Project Management and subsequent completion as assigned

Position Reports to:

  • Director of Engineering

Position Direct Reports:

  • Contract Labor as Required to Support Authorized Project Initiatives

Position Indirect Reports:

  • Project mechanics as assigned.

Technical Knowledge/Experience Required:

  • Demonstrated understanding of engineering principles
  • Demonstrated understanding of manufacturing equipment
  • Demonstrated understanding plant manufacturing processes
  • Demonstrated understanding maintenance activities
  • Demonstrated understanding of value stream flow 
  • Demonstrated understanding of problem solving methods
  • Demonstrated ability to understand technical manuals and prints
  • Demonstrated knowledge of how control systems work.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering
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