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Date Posted: 03 / 25 / 2022
Requisition Number: 2518
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Cage/Count Operations
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Cage Shift Manager


Oversees the daily Cage and Credit operations on the Casino floor for an assigned shift.  Enforces Casino regulatory rules and regulations, Casino internal controls and accounting controls in order to safeguard the company’s assets. Ensures compliance with Gaming Regulations and other Federal/State agencies. Monitors business demands and makes necessary scheduling and staffing adjustments. Assists the Cage Manager with day-to-day operation of the Cages to include training, counseling, and supervision of employees. Establishes and maintains positive working relationships with all departments. Handles Guest service and employee related issues with composure and professionalism. Communicates and implements all levels of monthly promotional marketing programs.  Interface with operating departments to ensure specific club benefits and operating procedures are communicated.  Conduct and discuss monthly marketing promotions with the public.  Has the ability to extend complimentary services in accordance with the approved comp matrix.  Monitors communication between banks, credit bureaus and central credit to ensure timely and accurate information.  Maintains working relationship with outside vendors who supply bank reports and personal and gaming credit reports.  Approves request for casino credit or credit limit increases within established levels of authority and in accordance with Section 609a.4.  Some related credit inquiries include checking the ACSC Credit screens to identify confidential information like viewing a patron’s consumer credit, casino credit and bank reports.  Some other credit related inquiries include responding to a guest’s request for a credit line increase or because a patron’s credit line is on hold for a specific reason which requires the patron to give a detailed explanation.  Responsible for overseeing the day to day cash handling functions of the on-site sportsbook operation.  Performs other related duties as assigned.  Must possess excellent inter-personal skills with an ability to foster a supportive and enabling team environment.  Promotes superior guest service.  


Two years of Casino Cage supervisory experience in a high volume, complex Casino environment and basic computer input skills preferred.  Must have a thorough knowledge of Casino regulatory rules and regulations and Casino internal and accounting control procedures.  Ability to interact with the general public in a highly professional manner is a necessity.  Must have excellent organizational and time management skills.  Must be able to work various shifts and flexible hours.