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Date Posted: 11 / 19 / 2021
Requisition Number: 2504
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Cage/Count Operations
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Cage Cashier


Handles all monetary transactions that occur within the daily Cage Operations functions. This includes, but is not limited to, cage cashiering, chip bank, marker bank, poker bank, ES cashiering and impressment cashiering. Distributes monies to guests via Slot Ticket redemption, chip redemption, and check cashing. Processes monetary transactions for other departments. Ensures that all transactions are completed in an efficient and accurate manner. Responsible for securing the integrity of assigned assets. Maintains the accountability of company funds in accordance with Internal Controls and Gaming Commission Rules and Regulations.  Assists in managing the traffic flow in and out of the poker games.  Assists in registering players into computerized seating program.  Announces players’ names and tables when seats become available.  Helps to ensure the smooth operation of the poker room by performing the following assigned duties: exchange chips for currency and removal of chips.  A Cage Cashier who performs functions outside the Poker Room Bank may not perform Poker Room Bank functions on the same day during the same shift.  Performs duties as a Chip Bank cashier which includes the responsibility for the accountability of the chips in the casino.  Will receive and process chip transfers to and from other banks and windows.  Receives table game credits and issues table game fills to the pits.  A Cage Cashier who performs functions outside the Chip Bank may not perform Chip Bank functions on the same day during the same shift.  Performs duties as Marker Banker which includes the inventory of markers, front money deposits, safekeeping deposits and returned checks. A Cage Cashier who performs functions outside the Marker Bank may not perform marker Bank functions on the same day during the same shift.  Responsible for the replenishment of currency and coin for the Ticket Redemption Units (TRU).  Monitors TRU Currency/Coin/BV levels thru the Exchange Manager in order to ensure machines are replenished in a timely service as levels decrease.  Processes large amounts of currency for daily impressments of the TRUs. Ensures timely and accurate preparation of all daily worksheets, checklists and reports associated with TRUs. Coordinates daily and month-end TRU close processes including completing daily drops and reconciliation of the TRU Currency.  Transports currency and coin to impress appropriate areas.  Buys the TITO and Currency Drop from Soft Count.  Understands the TRU software programs in order to correctly enter data into systems.  Works closely with Operational Accounting to ensure accurate reporting of TITO information.  Performs minor maintenance and trouble shoots minor problems related to the TRUs, and changes ribbons and papers on all machines.  Coordinates with Equipment Vendors to ensure timely maintenance and reduce downtime.  Maintains the control and integrity of the TRUs. A Cage Cashier who performs functions outside the Impressment Bank may not perform Impressment Bank functions on the same day during the same shift.  Processes credit applications in a speedy manner in order to make credit decisions.  Maintains lines of communication with banks, credit bureaus and central credit.  Notifies supervisor of critical information on any credit report to ensure good credit decisions.  Cage Cashiers operate as sports writers in the on-site Sportsbook operation and their job duties include: Input betting information into the system, print tickets, accept money from patrons for bet placement and give tickets to guest.  Accurately maintain a bank and reconciles all transactions at the end of their shift.  Verify winning tickets with Supervisor/Manager approval where necessary.  Cage Cashiers operating as the sports writers will not work in any other Casino Cage capacity during that shift.  In addition, a minimum of 12 hours must pass before they can work other Cage Cashier functions (i.e. chip bank, marker bank, cage cashiering, impressment cashiering, ES cashiering).  Cage Cashiers that work other cage functions other than the sports writer may work as a sports writer before the 12 hour period, but not during the same shift.  Provides an entertaining, exciting and memorable guest experience.  Performs other related duties as assigned.  Promotes superior guest service.


Basic computer input skills. Previous money handling experience preferred. Ability to stand for extended periods of time. Must be able to work various shifts and flexible hours.