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Job Title: Facilities Operations Manager
Full Time
Buildings and Grounds
Job Description:
The Facilities Operation Manager is responsible for managing Engineering and Building & Grounds Department to ensure the effective, efficient, safe and overall cleaning maintenance of Belterra Park facilities and public areas.  Incumbent is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of building amenities, utilities, machine shop, sound communications shop and related equipment, including natural gas systems and observation cameras, garages, parking lots, exterior landscaping and interior floral/seasonal decorations,  oversees and administers maintenance contracts 

The incumbent in this position is responsible for developing an environment that creates excitement for guests and employees, promoting and retaining a highly skilled work force.


Provides superior customer service, positively effects interactions with customers and employees, and has the resiliency to deal with difficult customers in all types of business conditions and the ability to work harmoniously with coworkers.


Hires, trains, motivates, evaluates, and manages staff to ensure employees receive adequate guidance and resources to achieve established objectives.


Establishes, implements, and monitors department objectives, standards, guidelines, budget, and other administrative processes to achieve proper management of department.


Collects data and information through inspections and scientific testing in order to file reports to appropriate regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with regulations.


Inspects property utilities and equipment and takes action to correct problems in order to minimize potential for violations during on-site safety inspections by OSHA.


Provides expertise, direction, and labor and equipment resources, including monitoring of all hazardous chemicals located within the property in event of hazardous waste spill to ensure that cleanup procedures and results are in compliance with regulations.


Participates in long-term planning of facilities expansion and modifications to ensure that engineering requirements are satisfied within the overall plan.

Coordinates asbestos-related projects by meeting with and recommending outside contractors, and acts as in-house advisor on asbestos-related issues to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.


Gathers and edits monthly reports from and prepares final reports for the Director of Facilities approval.


Monitor attendance and maintain attendance trackers for hourly employees.


Organize and maintain purchase requisition database for all orders filtering through Facilities Department.


Monitor and work closely with the Purchasing Department regarding PO’s.  This ensures projects are completed in a timely manner.


Coordinates and administrates the Employee Incentive Program for the Facilities Department. 


Participates in the continual improvement process by making recommendations for improvement when deficiencies or opportunities for improvement are identified.


Informs and directs priorities to Engineering staff.


Keeps Engineering advised of all current information.


Performs any and all tasks required for the betterment of the Department and the Company.


Job Requirements:
Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of employees, as well as all outside contacts 

Ability to accurately review the performance of subordinates and all necessary departmental documentation.

Must be able to obtain and maintain all licenses / certifications per Federal, State, and Gaming regulations 


These skills and abilities are typically acquired through the completion of a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, Electrical Engineering or Environmental Management in addition to a minimum of five years’ general engineering supervisory experience and/or through a minimum of eight years’ progressive engineering experience and/or closely related field in a comparably sized operation with five years of supervisory experience 



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