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Part Time - Regular
Casino Operations
Job Description:


Under general supervision, responsible for the collection and counting of currency and chips derived from gaming devices.



(The following statements are intender as general illustrations of the work in this job class and are not all inclusive for specific positions).


  1. Deliver internal and external guest service the Pinnacle Way.  Always exhibit a friendly and approachable demeanor.  Be polite and courteous when speaking with guests and team members.  Look for and act upon opportunities to assist guests and team members.  Be sincere and genuine during all interactions.  Be prepared with the knowledge and skill required to be responsive to guests and team member’s needs and questions.

  2. Maintain protection of extremely large amounts of currency, ensuring prevention of loss by providing extreme care and attention to detail.

  3. Assist in slot and table games drop by collecting currency and chips derived from gaming devices in accordance with established procedures.

  4. Conduct a mechanically assisted count of the contents of the table drop boxes to determine, by table, the amount of the drop and the win.

  5. Conduct a mechanically assisted count of the contents of the bill validator boxes.

  6. Ensure procedures and proper controls are followed to protect counted receipts.

  7. Maintain awareness of changes and/or problems which may affect the security of the currency in the Count Room and report observances to the Count Room Supervisor.

  8. Count and reconcile total funds to ensure the integrity of the count.

  9. Transfer the corresponding documentation to the Revenue Audit Department on a daily basis.

  10. Prepare funds, with proper documentation for transfer of funds to the Cage Department.

  11. Conduct all facets of the count from the opening of the boxes, counting of the drop, verification of documentation and bundling of currency to the final reconciliation of totals, as well as any other related tasks.

  12. Performs other duties as assigned by management. 

Job Requirements:

Must be 21 years of age

Must be able to obtain and maintain valid gaming license

Demonstrated ability to accurately account for large amounts of cash

These skills and abilities are typically acquired through at least 1 year experience directly related to the accountabilities specified.


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