Job Code
Employment Status
Grounds Maintenance (DR)



  • Direct and participate in the construction and maintenance of the golf course, including, but not limited to, assigning tasks and evaluating and supervising associates to ensure that such tasks are performed correctly.
  • Locate and identify any turf pest problems such as weeds, insects, nematodes, burrowing animals, fungi, and turf grass diseases.
  • Locate and identify other turf problems that may arise as the result of improper irrigation, vandalism, or weather.
  • Unlock maintenance facility and prepare for arrival of staff before start of work day and lock maintenance facility and secure equipment at the end of work day on scheduled days.
  • Set schedules for associates, record associate attendance and approve or disapprove leave for such associates.
  • Work with Superintendent to plan the prevention and control of all turf problems whether chemical or physical in nature and maintains responsibility for evaluating the daily setup of the golf course in accordance with the rules of golf.
  • Work with Superintendent to plan, schedule, and supervise the construction and maintenance of putting greens, tees, fairways, roughs, bunkers and associated support facilities.
  • Maintain sole responsibility for supervising equipment operators in the safe, efficient operation and care of mowing and other equipment and holds accountable the staff for locating and identifying inconsistencies in cutting height, equipment malfunction such as hydraulic leaks, and operator errors that may cause detriment to the appearance and health of the golf course.
  • Supervise the staff in the operation and maintenance of pumps, irrigation, and drainage systems and maintains sole responsibility for setting up and making changes to the Sitepro computerized irrigation system along with the supervision of the variable drive irrigation pumping system.
  • Work with Superintendent to formulate and implement the fertilization and chemical program with direct participation in short term and long term planning projects along with daily operations of the golf course maintenance program.
  • Supervise the daily pesticide applications and/or operates and calibrates pesticide application equipment.
  • Maintain responsibility for daily personnel management and evaluation, personnel discipline monitor compliance with and/or implement associate safety, legal or procedural measures, and modify the daily work schedule based on professional interpretation.
  • Perform all other duties, tasks and responsibilities as assigned or requested.
  • Issue disciplines when necessary and play an active role (including recommending actual disciplinary actions) throughout the disciplinary process, as well as handle associate complaints and guide such associates through the grievance procedure.
  • Interview applicants and make recommendations as to hiring decisions.


  • Must be a minimum of twenty-one (21) years of age.
  • Must obtain and maintain a valid state issued driver’s license.
  • Must obtain a valid Mississippi certified commercial category III pesticide applicator’s license.
  • Associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in Turfgrass Management is preferred.   
  • Must have five (5) years previous experience as an Assistant Golf Course Superintendent in lieu of education may be accepted.
  • Must have documented proof of advance knowledge of plant biology, entomology, irrigation systems and their maintenance, turf grass diseases, pesticides, weed control, chemistry, fertilizers, soils, mathematics, business information systems, and human resource management.
  • Must become a member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), the Louisiana – Mississippi Golf Course Superintendents Association (LMGCSA) and the Mississippi Turfgrass Association (MTA) is recommended.
  • Must be willing and able to obtain continuing education credits through the attendance of classes and seminars pertaining to golf course and turf grass management, as well as personnel management that would apply towards becoming a Certified Golf Course Superintendent through the standards of the GCSAA.
  • Previous experience in the landscape field and horticulture background is a plus.
  • Must have the ability to demonstrate competencies in the following areas:
    • Maintenance of golf course greens, tees, fairways and roughs.
    • Cultivation and maintenance practices for 419 Bermudagrass, Meyer Zoysiagrass, MS Choice Bermudagrass, and A-4 Bentgrass.
    • Planting, cultivation, pruning, and caring of plants, shrubs, and trees.
    • Characteristics and proper use of various fertilizers and soil amenders.
    • Characteristics and safe application of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.
    • Drainage control methods
    • Irrigation systems including wells, pumps, and automatic controls.
  • Must be able to perform assigned tasks with little or no supervision.
  • Must possess good communication skills, both written and oral.  Must be able to prepare clear and concise reports.
  • Must be willing and able to work nights, weekends, holidays, and overtime as required. 
  • Limited travel may be required in fulfilling job responsibilities. 
  • Must be able to work outdoors through temperature extremes and changing weather conditions such as drought, rain, ice, and snow.
  • Must be able to walk or stand for at least 75% of assigned shift.
  • Must be able to perform functions with each hand and arm. 
  • Must be able to lift and maneuver at least (50) pounds.
  • Bending, kneeling, stooping, pushing and pulling required throughout shift.
  • Must possess the ability to see and differentiate between colors (blue, green, red, yellow, purple, and brown).