Oneida Nation Enterprises
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Information Technology
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Sr. Database Architect

Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities:


  1. Responsible for data architecture and framework for all applications, including Enterprise Data Warehouse and Customer Relationship Management:
  • Develop database design & show how it will fit with our database systems.
  • Develop data flows & usage (internal & external systems).
  • Implement industry best practices regarding information security, data storage, and management.
  1. Develop and maintain the overall data architecture and planning, including
  • The overall topology of the current database design (logical, physical, and Data Mart)
  • Complete understanding of data flows & usage (internal & external systems)
  1. Maintains knowledge of data architecture components, recognizes when modifications must be made, and suggests new data architecture standards
  2. Resolves data architecture problems through identification, assessment and resolution, and changes and upgrades
  3. Provides strategic leadership into the development and implementation of the enterprise's data governance strategy.
  4. Responsible for the overall database structure, including recovery, security, backup, and capability specifications. This definition provides a way for data architects to determine general requirements for database structure
  5. Responsible for all activities related to data architecture/integration on all IT project initiatives.
  6. Defines data/information architecture standards, policies, and procedures for the organization, structure, attributes, and classification of data elements, and applies accepted data content standards to technology projects.
  7. Coordinate detailed data architecture design plans with Data Governance Board.
  8. Propose and Implement Database Solutions
  • Create and propose solutions to management and stakeholders. And designing a new database and presenting it to related parties
  1. Actively provide and promote the importance of documentation, accurate records of work performed, project tracking, and management reporting. Reviews documentation supplied by team members for accuracy and quality.
  2. Demonstrates experience in creating and maintaining strong teamwork, working with other IT team members to implement necessary changes, upgrades and enhancements to the database systems.
  3. Actively guide the database team members to help the team with technology adoption and strategic growth.
  4. Assists the IT Management team in developing philosophies, strategies, and policies to support the IT mission.
  5. Continually exploring innovation with database platforms and tools to increase productivity, improve the Guest experience, and/or enhance the organization's brand.
  6. Support the On-Call database team for escalated priority issues, including the trouble-shooting root cause of problems, i.e., database or application issue, and determining action plan and making the judgment call on the required resource needed for resolution.   


Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications:


  1. A degree in Computer Science or other related technical field and/or minimum equivalent experience of ten or more years working in an IT environment, with 2+ years as a Database Architect.
  2. Advanced knowledge of SQL Server Database environment is required
  3. Basic knowledge/experience of Azure Synapse is required, including usage of Azure Data Factory
  4. Hands-on experience in developing and implementing data architecture and complex data models for operational and data warehouse applications
  5. Understanding of Big Data architecture, data lake, and ETL technologies
  6. Experience in developing conceptual, logical, and preliminary physical models for an enterprise (i.e., Enterprise Data Architecture) and solutions (i.e., Solution Data Architecture)
  7. Excellent organizational, verbal, and writing skills and the ability to perform well under pressure.


Desired Qualifications


  1. Experience in data lake implementation using Azure Synapse or Snowflake would be ideal.



This job description is intended to be illustrative of the position's duties and should not be construed to be an exhaustive statement of the essential functions of the job.