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Data Analytics Manager - Casino Marketing

Job Description

The Casino Marketing Data Analytics Manager conducts casino guest behavior analysis using various techniques, e.g. statistical analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling and data mining. Analyzes casino guest data and develops strategies and tactics to maximize the profitability and growth of casino related business lines.




  1. Develops both strategic and tactical programs, campaigns, and offers that effectively target market segments, small groups, and even individual players to increase casino visitation and spend.  Works closely with the Casino Marketing team to implement these strategies and tactics and conducts follow-up analysis to evaluate results.  
  2. Provides business data interpretation, produces ad hoc data and reports, performs quality assurance for data integrity and accuracy.
  3. Works collaboratively as part of the Marketing team to develop and implement effective Casino Marketing programs and player level campaigns as a result of analytical findings. 
  4. Develops strong relationships with internal clients, operations teams, and external vendors to better understand gaming business drivers, player behaviors, and to consistently update strategies with the changing market. 
  5. Effectively engages the enterprise data warehouse and other internal databases and uses SQL/SAS/R/PYTHON and/or other data tools to determine guest behavior patterns.  Works fluently with business intelligence and customer relationship management platforms.
  6. Performs business analysis using various techniques (e.g. regression) using various tools (R, SAS).
  7. Employs best practices to analyze large amounts of data while maintaining intense attention to detail.
  8. Develops reports and presentations to support solid conclusions regarding trends and findings with an ability to explain those findings to varying audiences.
  9. Questions established business practices and brainstorms new approaches to data analysis.

Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications:


  1. A Bachelor’s degree in Statistics or Data Science with a STEM concentration or similar education as required.  An equivalent combination of education and casino-specific experience may be substituted.
  2. At least 2 years previous experience in analyzing customer behavior in a multi-amenity casino resort environment is preferred.
  3. Must have experience in data extraction using SQL, SAS and other query tools.
  4. Basic understanding of Data Warehousing and Quality Assurance tools are essential.
  5. Must have exceptional oral and written communication skills.
  6. Strong business acumen, customer service skills, proactive, demonstrates enthusiasm, motivation and self-confidence.
  7. Candidate must be a self-driven individual who can work on many concurrent projects and deliver results on each.
  8. Ability to research issues to resolution and attention to detail are essential.
  9. Must maintain confidentiality.


Technical Skills (exposure to some/all of the following):

  1. Statistical methods and packages (e.g. SAS/R)
  2. Scripting languages (PYTHON, PERL)
  3. Data warehousing and business intelligence platforms
  4. SQL databases and database querying languages
  5. Database design
  6. Data mining
  7. Data cleaning and munging
  8. Data visualization and reporting techniques
  9. Machine learning techniques