Turning Stone Resort Casino - Verona, NY
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Buffet Server (PT)

Job Description

  • Always reports to Supervisor before shift to obtain assigned station and informs Supervisor of any situations that arise or need immediate attention.
  • Ensures that stations are clean, orderly and stocked with the specified condiments and promotional material. Ensures that tables are set properly according to assigned station. Consistently notifies Supervisor of any inventory that needs to be ordered or stocked.
  • Always completes side duties, including, but not limited to, stocking condiments, folding napkins, polishing glasses, etc. in a timely manner and done prior to shift end.
  • Effectively takes guest orders in a timely manner. Beverage orders are always taken within two minutes after guest is seated.
  • Consistently up-sells alcohol and additional menu items not on buffet.
  • Maintains complete knowledge of all menu and beverage items, their prices, method of preparation, and availability.
  • Ensures that all guest orders are correct before service.
  • Always adheres to established sequence of service standards as documented per outlet.
  • Always exhibits extreme care when handling dishware, glassware, silverware and food product.
  • Efficiently clears used items from tables, transports them to the kitchen to be washed.
  • Completely cleans tables, chairs, resets Keno caddy, ensures floor is clean resets tables with clean silverware and glassware as applicable.
  • Always refills guest water and beverage glasses in a timely manner.
  • Always performs extra services for guest(s), including waiting at an action station for guest(s) food, offering to refill a plate for a guest, and answering guest inquiries.

Job Requirements

  • Prior experience busing tables or in a similar service capacity is desirable.
  • Must possess outstanding interpersonal communication skills to effectively interface with guests.
  • Must be able to walk/stand for long periods of time.
  • Must be able to lift up to 30lbs.