Date Posted
03 / 24 / 2020
Hours Required
40 hours
Food & Nutrition - Main Kitchen
High School or Equivalent Required
Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA


Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA

Job Responsibilites:

1. Prepares and garnishes maternity specials daily.

2. Uses proper documentation tools within department standards for labeling, dieting, and cooling procedures.

3. Assists others with the preparation of food for special functions.

4. Prepares vegetables and/or main entrees for Mount Auburn Hospital patients and Cafeteria following standardized recipes.

5. Prepares soup, sauces, and stuffing for patient services.

6. Maintains clean and sanitary work area.

7. Sets up food for try line in appropriate size pans.

8. Tests cooked food by taste, temperature, smell, and appearance.

9. Backs patient try line on grill/broiler as needed. Follows tally for batch cooking of temperature-sensitive items.

10. Uses waste logs to record all leftovers and waste with written plans for utilization.

11. Begins patient food preparation for the following day.

12. Delegates duties to cook's helper.

13. Works continuously to improve the total quality of the department and other departments within the institution.


Job Requirements:

1. Reading and writing skills in order to understand recipes and instructions.

2. One year of institution-type feeding.

3. Judgment and planning skills to make decisions for preparations.

4. Knowledge of institutional-type equipment.

5. Good communications skills for interaction with physicians, administrators, other personnel, and customers.