Date Posted
04 / 12 / 2021
Hours Required
40 Hours( OR/cardiac exp req.)
Operating Room
Associate's Degree Preferred
Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA

Cardiac Operating Room Technician

Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

1. Demonstrates skill in preparing for assigned surgical procedures:

a. Consults with team members to identify individual patient needs

2. Utilizes physician preference cards to check case carts and obtain appropriate instruments, equipment, suture and supplies

3. Utilizes available resources (e.g., experienced personnel, policy/procedure manuals, texts) to prepare for assignments

4. Demonstrates resourcefulness when procedures are unusual or unfamiliar

5. Collaborates with team members to improve/update preference cards or other resource information

6. Prepares case set-up within acceptable timeframe

7. Scrubs, gowns, and gloves according to procedure

8. Maintains strict aseptic technique

9. Prioritizes set-up

10. Completes set-up according to accepted standards; i.e., neat, organized, accurate

11. Conserves supplies and equipment

12. Demonstrates skill in performing intraoperative scrub responsibilities:

a. Maintains strict aseptic technique throughout procedure

13. Assists with appropriate prepping and draping according to procedure

14. Maintains organized back table

15. Anticipates needs of surgical team

16. Demonstrates skill in proper handling of instruments

17. Consistently focuses attention on the surgical procedure

18. Communicates with team to promote smooth progression of procedure

19. Performs counts according to MAH policy/procedure

20. Practices and promotes electro-surgical safety: adheres to policy/procedure

21. Gives thorough, concise report at change of shift or whenever relieved from surgical procedure

22. Conserves supplies and equipment: respects cost, environmental waste and patient/personnel safety

23. Respects patient's privacy

24. Performs the scrub role for the following procedures representative of MAH Surgical Services case types:

a. Vascular: - Fem-pop bypass - AAA - Carotid - A-V Fistula - Vein ligations

b. Neuro: - Lumbar laminectomy - Cervical laminectomy - Craniotomy - Burr holes - V-P shunt

c. Plastic/Hand: - Mini- fragment set - External fixation - Microscope - Breast reduction - Implants - ORIF

d. Gyn: - Laparoscopy - Ectopic - Ovarian cystectomy, oophorectomy - D&E equipment - Hysteroscopy

e. ENT: - Tracheostomy - Nasal Bleeds - Sinus endoscopy - Mastoidectomy - Stapedectomy - Laryngoscopy - Tonsillectomy - Myringotomy/tubes

f. Ortho: - Richards hip - ODC - A/O Synthes - Arthroscopy - ORIF

g. GU: - Lithotripsy: electrohydrolic, ultrasonic - Cysto, Retrogrades, TUR, continuous flow - Ureteroscope, stents - Radical prostatectomy - Circumcision - Vasectomy

h. General: - Lap Chole - Bowel resection - Organ harvest - Breast surgery - Hernia repair - Port-a-cath

i. Cardiothoracic: - Bronchoscopy - Thoracoscopy - Thoracotomy - Pacemaker - Assists in preparing for CABG, MVR - Scrubs to hold heart - Identifies/reviews location of supplies

j. Ophthalmology: - Cataract - Entropion repair - R&R k. Podiatry



1. Graduate of an Operating room Technician Program, or equivalent preparation.

2. One year of Operating Room experience preferred.

3. C.O.R.T.(National Certification) preferred.

4. Good interpersonal skills