Job Title:   Floor Supervisor - Casino-MPI
Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort
Table Games


Responsible for directly supervising personnel as well as the operation and conduct of any table game/games to which he/she is assigned.

• Responsible for the accuracy and maintenance of bankrolls.
• Responsible for monitoring all procedures governing the opening & closing of games, and shift changes.     
• Supervises the performance of personnel to ensure efficient gaming operations during a shift.
• Completes customer ratings necessary to track pertinent gaming data relevant to patron’s gaming profiles.
• Ensures that games are supplied with adequate and operable equipment.
• Promotes positive customer and employee relations, and is held accountable to ensure that the integrity of the game is protected at all times.
• May perform other duties as approved by the W.V. Lottery Commission and assigned.
• Ensures that all approved policies, procedures, internal controls and the regulations of the W.V. Lottery Commission are followed by personnel he/she supervises.
• Reports violations of approved policies, procedures, internal controls and the regulations of the W.V. Lottery Commission through their chain of command.
• When functioning as a Floor Supervisor sitting in the box position on a Craps game,  additional duties shall be defined as follows:
• Directly responsible for notifying the Floor Supervisor standing floor at the craps game, the accuracy of pay-offs, currency changes, color changes, betting minimums/maximums, and the policies and procedures are being adhered to by the dealers that are assigned to the game.
• As part of insuring the integrity of the game, will monitor that the dealers verbally announce (book) all wagers on the game.
• Required to verify accuracy of currency to gaming chips conversions.
• Responsible to notify the Pit Manager of any/all irregularities or suspicious activity on the game. -Monitors compliance of all approved policies & procedures and reports deviation to Pit Manager if they observe a violation.
• All other duties as assigned.


Six (6) months of gaming experience required. Thoroughly knowledgeable, experienced and/or trained in any games that the employee will be supervising. Knowledgeable of the Federal Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR) regulations and requirements. Thorough knowledge of table games supervision requirements, casino rules and procedures, and regulations governing table games. Must possess exceptional skills in the following areas:
Customer Service, Verbal/written communication, and Employee Relations.
Must be able to stand/walk/ sit for extended periods. May be exposed to working in a noisy, smoke/secondary smoke environment.
Must be at least 21. Must be able to obtain and maintain appropriate licensing. Must be able to pass a background investigation.

High School Diploma or equivalent. 


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