Job Title:   Lead Kitchen Worker - Stewards
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ARIA Resort & Casino
Food & Beverage - Kitchen/Chef/Cook/Helper
18 and over

  • Remove washed dinnerware, flatware, and glassware from dishwasher and stacks them according to size and likeness for future use, returning items not satisfactorily cleaned for a second wash.
  • Keep store room cleaned and items in order on proper shelf, putting away supplies to proper storage when daily supplies arrive.
  • Organize the breakdown area for drop off of dirty wares.
  • Handle all wares carefully to prevent breakage and loss.
  • Maintain cleanliness and organization of supply/storage closets; remove trash, wipe down shelves/counters; clean floors; remove items which do not belong and place in correct areas.
  • Receive soiled dinnerware, flatware, and glassware, sorting items according to size and likeness.
  • Operate and clean dish machines.
  • Sweep and mop kitchen floors, scrub walls and trashcans, pick up trash in assigned areas and clean floor mats.
  • Disassemble and reassemble machinery for cleaning purposes.
  • Maintain cleanliness of food lines, including guest side of line.
  • Maintain composure with difficult owners and guests in demanding situations.
  • Adhere to strict services standards and follow established service sequences.
  • Perform other related duties as requested.
  • Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies, procedures and standards.
  • Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment.
  • Monitor and maintain cleanliness, sanitation and organization of assigned work areas.
  • Use correct cleaning chemicals for designated items, according to OSHA regulations.
  • Check the working condition of dishwashing machine in accordance with specifications.
  • Fill the dishwashing machine with specified amounts of designated chemicals, ensuring the temperature level of each cycle is set to standard.
  • Remove excess food, debris and film from soiled wares before placing them in the dishwashing machine.
  • Position wares in designated racks correctly and send through dishwashing machine only when full.
  • Clean only designated wares in the dishwashing machine.
  • Remove washed wares from dishwashing machine and allow to air dry.
  • Change dishwashing machine water/filters and refill as specified to ensure all wares are properly cleaned.
  • Monitor usage of dishwashing machine and chemicals to maximize consumption of water and chemicals.
  • Maintain cleanliness and working condition of garbage disposal.
  • Breakdown and clean dishwashing machine and work areas.
  • Clean and sanitize pots, pans, utensils and other kitchen equipment.
  • Stock Kitchen lines with designated cleaned wares, utensils and equipment.
  • Clean spills in Kitchen and work areas immediately.
  • Use designated chemicals, supplies and equipment to clean various floor surfaces (brooms, mops, stripper, buffer, etc.).
  • Transport mats to the loading dock and clean.
  • Transport garbage containers from kitchen and work areas to dumpster; empty and clean.
  • Clean garbage compactor and area as assigned.
  • Report any damages, maintenance problems or safety hazards to the supervisor.
  • Adhere to all Health Department, sanitation and safety regulations as required by the hotel.
  • Organize and restock work areas for next shift.
  • Other related duties as necessary.

  • At least 2 years of experience as a kitchen worker in a similar high-volume environment.
  • Knowledge of cleaning dishes and kitchenware.
  • Knowledge of industrial dish/glass washer, mop, broom, large garbage cans, general kitchen equipment, rubber gloves and plastic smocks.
  • Ability to use a two-way radio.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Professional appearance and demeanor.
  • Ability to speak, read and write in English.
  • Previous lead or supervisory experience.
  • Previous experience in a similar resort setting.

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