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Job Title:   Captain - Aviation
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MGM Resorts International Operations
21 and over

  • Works within MGM Resorts International Aviation to maintain a culture of safety with efficient procedures that support customer service.
  • Retains the final authority for the safe operation of the aircraft (FAR 91.3).
  • Directs the activities of the Co-Captain ensuring that flight crewmembers understand fully and completely what duties they are expected to perform.
  • Ensures that the assigned aircraft is airworthy and that all proper documents are on board the aircraft.
  • Makes decisions as necessary to the start, delay or cancellation of the flight, or deviation from a planned destination when operating conditions dictate.
  • Obtains briefing on the purpose of the flight, weather, operating, procedures and any special instructions, and plans flight assignments.
  • Prepares or supervises preparation of flight plan considering such factors as altitude, terrain, weather, range, weight, cruise control data, airport facilities and navigational aids.
  • Ensures that weather and aircraft performance conditions can be met. Ensures that the aircraft weight and balance form/manifest is properly completed.
  • Ensures that a flight plan or other authorized flight locating procedures is followed on each flight.
  • Reports all known or suspected Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) violations or incidents promptly to the Director of Aviation.
  • Ensures that crewmembers brief all passengers with the appropriate briefing for each phase of flight.
  • Ensures that emergency equipment as well as provisions for passenger comfort are aboard, and ensures that all cargo is properly secured.
  • Ensures the preparation of flight logs, reporting of mechanical irregularities, and recording of maintenance, by maintenance personnel when maintenance is performed en route.
  • Ensures that all maintenance write-ups are passed to the maintenance personnel and that maintenance is alerted to the current status of the aircraft.
  • Ensures that the aircraft is clean and prepared for flight with all aircraft stores and appropriate catering provisions on board for the safety and comfort of passengers and crew.
  • Must be highly knowledgeable of the General Operations Manual, Company Manual, Federal Aviation Administration Regulations, Flight Manuals, and other instructions pertinent to assigned duties.
  • Maintains radio or telephone contact with the flight department management, often enough during the course of a flight to ensure that operational messages are promptly conveyed between the flight crew and the base.
  • Performs other job related duties as assigned. 



  • At least 5 years of recent and continuous part 91/135 experience.
  • Must have these valid licenses: FAA Airline Transport Pilot license with Airplane, Multiengine Land Rating, First Class Medical Certificate, and a FCC Radiotelephone Operator's Permit.
  • Current US Passport, and valid automobile driver’s license.
  • Medical: Valid, current US FAA 1st Class.
  • Experience: 5000 Hrs of total pilot flight time, 2500 Hrs of multiengine turbine time, 500 Hrs Jet, ATP, US Passport with no travel restrictions, 1st Class Medical, Valid Drivers License.
  • Experience operating large-cabin aircraft, and experience in advanced electronic/digital avionics cockpits.
  • No FAA accicents/incidents.
  • Willing and able to travel as required, including international travel (valid passport required).
  • Must be a team player.
  • Excellent customer services skills
  • Ability to lead and mentor a team.
  • Must have interpersonal skills to deal effectively with all business contacts.
  • Professional appearance and demeanor.
  • Understand and operate computer-based equipment.
  • International standards.
  • Work varied shifts, including weekends and holidays.
  • High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively in English, in both written and oral forms.


  • Ultra Long Range experience with Gulfstream V Type Rating.
  • Bachelor degree.
  • Previous experience working in a similar resort setting.