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05 / 02 / 2013
Golden, BC
Manufacturing - EWP


Supervises the hourly shift crew to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, turbo-generator and related equipment to supply the plants energy requirements.

  • Supervises and trains shift personnel in the safe and efficient operation of the boiler, turbine and related process equipment for the supply of energy for mill requirements and electrical generation
  • Assumes responsibility for all steam supply and condensate returns to all areas of the operation.
  • Responsible for the entire plant fire protection systems while on shift
  • Assists in maintaining the accident prevention program which will develop a positive attitude towards safety
  • Operate turbine/gen set making load changes or switching as required including start-ups and shutdowns
  • Operation of water treatment plant an oversees water treatment program to ensure limits and parameters for boiler, condensate and cooling water systems are strictly adhered to per chemical action plan while on shift
  • Responsible for the maintenance of various tasks and projects as assigned by the Chief Engineer
  • Maintains environmental standards and ensure applicable rules and regulations are in compliance.
  • Assists with scheduled shut downs in a support role or assigned as a team leader
  • Participates in Powerhouse Supervisors meetings
  • Maintains adequate records as required by Company and external regulatory agencies
  • Ensures Boilers and Pressure Vessels Act is complied with at all times
  • Maintains daily records, logbook entries, accurate production records and tabulation of monthly reports. On shift supervision and responsibility of shift personnel ensuring that their duties are performed safely and efficiently. Including personnel from other departments as well as Contractors
  • Perform all duties in accordance with safety rules and regulations
  • Perform other duties as necessary


  • Knowledge of license and permit conditions
  • Familiar with Government and other regulatory agencies
  • Demonstrated supervisory skills
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills
  • Excellent computer skills, including Excel and Word
  • Skilled in distributed control systems
  • Familiar with all power plant systems and equipment and able to operate high voltage switch gear as required


  • A graduate of Power Engineering Technology
  • Second Class (Preferably First Class) Steam Engineer Certificate recognized in British Columbia
  • It takes a minimum of eight  (8) years of training to obtain a Second Class Certificate of Competency and minimum of twelve (12)  to obtain a First Class  Certificate
  • Extensive operating experience in all areas of a power plant
  • Experience with a Maintenance background
  • Supervisory experience
  • Solid fuel fired boiler experience
  • Knowledge of process heat exchangers and flash steam recovery systems


  • Plant Environment. Ability to work in a variety of settings where maintenance work is performed.

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