Title:   Skilled Operator
11pm to 7:30am
General Plant


Date :       Oct 04, 2013                                                          
            A position for a 3rd Shift Cottage Cheese Blender/CIP is available. The job is classified under the Skilled Labor I rate. The hours are from 11:00pm-07:30am. The days are Monday through Friday with Saturday and Sunday off. Hours and days are subject to change as plant requirements change.
            The job responsibilities for this position are as follows:
Finish the day’s blending of the cottage cheese dressing, curd, fruit, and flavors according to the production run sheets.

  • Adjust the CO2 system to incorporate the proper amount of CO2 into the cottage cheese.
  • Sample “in-process” product for quality analysis.
  • Work with curd room employees to coordinate curd “pushing” to cooler washers.
  • Assist packaging machine operators by following proper changeover procedures and product weight control requirements.
  • Take down equipment for CIP, assist with the CIP of cooler washers and blenders, and reassemble and sanitize all equipment to prepare for the next day’s production.
  • Assist the Packaging Machine CIP/Setup Operator as needed.
  • Push cheese vats in the A.M. as needed.




  • Support SQF by maintaining food safety and food quality through completing job tasks and maintaining the work area in a sanitary manner.
  • Maintain all documented information as per SQF requirements.
  • Work overtime, as needed, which will require an obligation from you to fulfill.
  • Carry out all additional duties assigned by a supervisor or foreman.
  • Understand and follow all safety procedures, always wear proper PPE, and never put yourself or other employees in harm’s way.