Title:   Production Supervisor
HP Hood
Operations Mgmt


<strong>Position Overview:</strong><br /> <ul> <li> Responsible for efficient manufacturing at the Oneida Facility.&nbsp; This will include receiving, processing, manufacturing and storage of products.&nbsp; Interaction with PIC, Maintenance, QA, and Warehousing is critical.</li> </ul> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Job Responsibilities:</strong><br /> <ul> <li> Coordinate daily production activities to meet business objectives.</li> <li> Stay focused on identified goals and drive for results.</li> <li> Set clear expectations for your team.</li> <li> Coach, develop and motivate your team.</li> <li> Key leadership role in developing and implementing&nbsp;training.</li> <li> Hold your employees accountable.</li> <li> Keep your team informed, ensure effective inter and intra department communication.</li> <li> Establish clear responsibilities and expectations for each position and ensure that each employee meets these standards.</li> <li> Coordinate day-to-day activities of a team of direct reports, including staffing and attendance.</li> <li> Ensure Safety Compliance and conduct Incident Investigations.</li> <li> Establish and maintain a positive work environment including personnel policy development, training, safety and housekeeping.</li> <li> Maintain reporting information for accuracy.</li> <li> Champion communication with other departments to ensure support for successful operations.</li> <li> Support employees by coaching mentoring and resolving mechanical malfunctions to increase productivity, job capabilities and equipment capabilities.</li> <li> Administer coaching and corrective action as necessary</li> <li> Ensure compliance of GMP&rsquo;s, SOP&rsquo;s LOTO and Administrative Policy and Procedures</li> <li> Ability to grow and assume increased responsibilities as production requirements dictate.</li> <li> Willing to travel for training, educational and business purposes.</li> <li> Flexible to vary work shifts dependent upon production and staffing needs.</li> </ul>


<strong>Education and Experience:</strong><br /> <ul> <li> AS or equivalent Required; preferred BS or BA degree</li> <li> At least 5-years of experience in Food and Beverage manufacturing required; prefer Dairy Manufacturing environment.</li> <li> Good computer knowledge is essential.&nbsp; (Excel, Word)</li> <li> Ability to work well with people.</li> <li> Good math skills working with fractions, percents and decimals.</li> <li> Good reading, writing and communications skills.</li> <li> Excellent organization skills.</li> </ul> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Special Requirements:</strong><br /> <ul> <li> Able to work Holidays.</li> <li> &nbsp;Champion positive and safe work environment.</li> </ul>