Title:   Plant Manager
HP Hood
General Plant


Plant Manager- Philadelphia
Job Title:Plant Manager
Department: General Plant
Supervisor:Sr. Director of Operations  
Job Function:
Directs manufacturing operations through a team of functional managers and front line supervisors.  Ensures increasing levels of customer and employee satisfaction while improving the efficiency of manpower, materials and machines. 
Job Responsibilities:
  1. Handles and oversees the entire manufacturing operation and directs plant operations for production, maintenance, quality, shipping, and receiving. 
  2. Ensures that the production operations follow the company’s standards, policies and practices. 
  3. Coordinates plant activities through the planning with departmental managers to insure the total manufacturing objectives are accomplished in a timely and cost effective manner. 
  4. Ensures that the production operations are under the set budget and reaches production goals. 
  5. Implements cost effective systems of control over capital, operating expenditures, manpower, wages and salaries. 
  6. Develops and controls profits, plans and budget of the organization. 
  7. Communicates production objectives with senior management. 
  8. Makes plans and strategies for improving the production operations and profits of an organization. 
  9. Controls operations headcount and minimizes labor overtime, premium freight and repair expenses. 
  10. Maintains existing plant facilities and equipment; replace, or make adjustments to plant facilities and equipment when necessary. 
  11. Provide leadership and training opportunities to accomplish the company goals and objectives. 
  12. Implements preventative maintenance programs. 
  13. Incorporates shop floor organization and plant cleanliness among plant personnel. 
  14. Provides direction, development and leadership to production supervisors. 
  15. Formulates or approves short and long-term operating objectives in areas such as cost reduction, quality improvement, new product development and/ or integration as undertaken at the plant level. 
  16. Ensures product quality meets established standard.
  17. Ensures that shipping schedules for finished goods meet customer requirements.   
  18. Drives safety initiatives in a proactive manor and promotes a safe work environment in daily operations. 
  19.  Other duties as assigned by Sr. Director of Operations.


Job Qualifications:
  1. Must have good leadership and administrative skills.
  2. Must be well organized and have multi-tasking abilities.
  3. Must have good analyzing skills. 
  4. Must have trouble shooting abilities.
  5. Must have a good knowledge about financial matters to ensure the production costs remain under the set budget. 
  6. Bachelor’s degree in related field and/or 5 years plant/general management experience in the dairy industry.
  7. Exposure with managing in a union environment.
SQF Requirements/ Responsibilities:
  1. Maintains food safety and food quality through completing job tasks and maintaining the work area in a sanitary manner. 
  2. Maintains SQF practitioner status and work as backup to the SQF expert.
  3. Monitors incoming goods.
  4. Monitors incoming services.
  5. Coordinates the Corrective and Preventative Action program.
  6. Maintains the Finished Product and Raw Material Release program.
  7. Coordinates the Internal Audit Program.
  8. Conducts Mock Recalls.
  9. Coordinates and maintains the HACCP Program.
  10. Reports food safety problems to personnel with authority to initiate action.
Workplace safety is vitally important to our company-not only at our company but we also view it as an important aspect of the lives of each and every employee, the communities we work in as well as our customers. While at work, our employees are responsible for understanding and following all safety rules and procedures for their job assignment.  HP Hood offers regular training and ongoing reinforcement so that safety becomes a daily conversation with all employees. Likewise food safety is a key performance indicator for our company.  Understanding this, Good Management Practices (GMPs) and housekeeping procedures are to be followed as part of any job at HP Hood.  There is no production goal, no competitive advantage, nor any cost-effective measure that is worth risking your own personal safety.