Title:   Bulk Receiver
HP Hood
General Plant


Position Summary:  Pumps incoming product from tank trucks to storage tanks by performing the following duties:
Essential Functions:
  • Gather samples of product (milk, juice, liquid sugars & cream) for laboratory analysis.  Hold product until cleared by lab.
  • Load out cream product.
  • Transfer product from tankers to processing area or silos to maintain production requirements.
  • Rinse, wash, and sanitize interior of milk tank trucks.
  • Wash, sanitize, inspect, and drain all raw tanks, silos, and line when necessary.
  • Complete required paperwork and maintain charts.
  • Perform preventative maintenance as needed.
  • Report any irregularities of product or malfunction of equipment to supervisor
  • Follow all company safety policies and procedures.
  • Must be able to adapt to changing production schedules as necessary.
  • Execute assigned duties with minimal supervision.
  • Available for required overtime to support business needs and/or critical situations.
  • Perform assigned duties satisfactorily and in a timely manner.
  • Perform assigned duties following "Good Manufacturing Practices” and “SOP’s.”
  • Actively participate in special teams representing the production department.
  • Maintain a clean & safe work environment.
  • Perform all other related duties as assigned.
  •  Hours of work and days off could change anytime within the 7-day workweek cycle based on production needs.


Education and Experience   Physical Requirements
  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent
  • Reading& writing proficiency (English language) and ability to identify colors.
  • Basic math skills.
  • Ability to work well as part of a team.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Multi-tasked individual.
  • Ability to work independently with little supervision.
N – Never                                                      
O – Occasional 1 – 33% of time                    
F – Frequent 34 – 66% of time                                  
C – Constant 67 – 100% of time                   
  • Ability to move at a quick pace. Frequently
  • Standing: Long periods (up to 10 hr shifts with occasional overtime).
  • Sitting: Rarely.
  • Walking: Frequently.
  • Bending, Twisting & Stretching: Occasional.
  • Lifting: Heavy (up to 50 lbs) Occasional
  • Lifting: Moderate (up to 30 lbs) Frequent
  • Climbing: Ladders, up to 15 feet to make connections and add packaging materials. Frequent/Occasional.
  • Pushing/Pulling: moving pallets of paper up to 200 lbs. Stock packaging materials: Occasional.
  • Environment: Wet and dry, temperature variations from 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  Floors are wet and occasionally slippery due to product spills and cleaning process (slip resistant footwear is required). Constant
  • Use of chemicals: Occasional.
  • Noise: Moderate to heavy (hearing protection is required). Constant.