Requisition Number
HP Hood

Warehouse / Forklift Operator


Job Function:
Under direction of the Warehouse Supervisor and/or Warehouse Manager, will follow all established procedures and policies for the shipping of finished product while prioritizing safety, quality and efficiency to meet the goals of the company.
Job Responsibilities:
  • Load and unload trucks/trailers using a manual “two-wheeler” and also a variety of motorized equipment such as pushers, squeeze trucks, fork trucks and pallet jacks. Physical labor involved in this activity varies but can involve pushing/pulling 6 high milk cases (up to 200 lbs) and metal racks (25 lbs each) in addition to using powered equipment.
  • Accurately identifying, selecting/picking inventory for loading and staging based on customer load sheets. This process may involve “picking” corrugated and un-corrugated product (up to 45 lbs) from shelves, pushing/pulling of 6 high cases of products (up to 200 lbs) and other packaged and un-packaged product. Process also includes placing products on wheeled racks 5 ½ feet high and moving throughout warehouse (loaded weight of racks up to 1000 lbs).
  • Pull empty and full milk cases stacked 6 high (up to 200 lbs) with repetition while performing functions associated with “pulling stock” in the dolly area or chest. 
  • Manually remove product from conveyor system, then package and/or stage in an efficient manner to maintain production flow requirements.
  • Safely operate a P.I.T. (Powered Industrial Truck) to load and unload pallets of product from a trailer or move throughout the Warehouse. Other motorized/mechanical vehicles used include forklift, squeeze trucks, pallet jacks and HI/LOW units. 


Job Qualifications:
  • Excellent driving skills, hand/foot-eye coordination and manual dexterity
  • Good record keeping / clerical skills
  • Good far-visual differentiation and depth perception
  • Good basic math and reading skills
  • Good oral communication and human relations skills
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Some experience or training as a forklift operator
  • Prior experience in the manufacturing industry is desirable
Working Conditions:
  • Refrigerated environment <40 degrees
  • Factory environment
  • Varying noise levels.
  • Fast-paced work.
  •  Powered industrial truck traffic in both the case room and cheese room.