Title:   Maintenance Mechanic
HP Hood
La Fargeville


1. Lay out materials and fabricate according to plant blueprints and sketches.
2. Use all types of welding rods for proper bonding, penetration and flow.
3. Practice proper use of cutting torch and acetylene welder.
1. Demonstrate proper use and application of electrical test OVM meter.
2. Perform proper installations of electrical motors.
3. Install conduit and pull electrical wires to code.

1. Perform feed water tests and add proper chemicals as needed.
2. Maintain proper TDS levels in the boiler.
3. Operate boilers on natural gas or fuel.
1. Maintain head pressures to obtain proper temperatures.
2. Switch refrigeration compressors from high side to low side or intermediate side as needed.
3. Perform and maintain oil drained from ammonia in our refrigeration systems.
Machinery Repair:
1. Follow factory "ASSEMBLY BLUE PRINTS" and put them into proper use.
2. Demonstrate proper use of hand tools.
3. Demonstrate the proper use of shop equipment such as drill press, bearing pullers, grinders, part-off           
    saw, etc.
4. Perform preventive maintenance on machinery.
5. Troubleshoot problems with machinery.

1.  Safety is vitally important not only to our facility but also from a personal standpoint.  Employees are    
     responsible for understanding and following all safety procedures.  Likewise food safety is a key
     performance indicator for our operations.  Understanding Safety, GMP and housekeeping procedures
     are to be followed as part of any job at our facility.
2. Perform above functions in assigned areas of responsibility.
3. Perform assigned duties with minimal supervision
4. Respond and perform assigned duties in a timely manner per work order program appendix II.
5. Perform assigned duties following "GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES".
6. Attend Daily Production Meeting if required.
7. Maintain records and logs as required.
8. Support change over and start up of assigned area.
9. Support SQF through the monitoring of incoming services.
10. Maintain the Calibration Program.
11. Support SQF by maintaining the Preventive Maintenance Program.
12. Support SQF by completing job tasks and maintaining the work area in a sanitary manner.
Education and Experience…
  • GED or High School Diploma.
  • At least 3+ years experience in manufacturing.
  • Prior experience in industrial maintenance.
  • Intermediate Computer Skill (i.e. Word, Excel, etc).
  • Excellent Troubleshoot Experience.
  • Ability to work well with people.
  • Communication skills are a must.
  • Multi-tasked Individual.
  • Ability to work independently.
Physical Requirements…
  • Standing: Long periods (a minimum of 8+ hours)
  • Sitting: Occasionally for short periods
  • Walking: Long periods
  • Bending: Frequently
  • Twisting of Spine: Frequently
  • Lifting: Heavy (50+ lbs) frequently
  • Carrying: Heavy (40-60 lbs) frequently distance Pushing/Pulling: under 75 lbs without assistance frequently
Special Requirements…
  • Follow specified assigned area roles and responsibility as it applies.
  • Must be able to pass a Pulmonary Function Test and be respirator qualified.  Required to be clean shaven to
 maintain a good seal on the respirators at all times for emergency and nuisance work.


Included in Job Description