Location Job Title Shift
Hershey Lodge ACTIVITIES ATTENDANT, PT Part-time
The Hotel Hershey HOST/HOSTESS, PT - Harvest Part-time
The Hotel Hershey ACTIVITY ATTENDANT, SUMMER Part-time Seasonal
The Hotel Hershey ASST EXECUTIVE STEWARD Full-time
Chocolatetown ASST RESTAURANT MANAGER, The Chocolatier Full-time
Hershey Country Club ASST TENNIS PRO, PT Part-time
Hersheypark Camping Resort AT HOME RESERVATION CLERK, SEASONAL Part-time Seasonal
Corporate Services AT-HOME RESERVATION AGENT, PT Part-time
The Hotel Hershey BANQUET CHEF Full-time
The Hotel Hershey BAR BACK-UP, PT Part-time Seasonal
Hershey Lodge BARISTA, PT Part-time
The Hotel Hershey BARISTA, PT - Chef's Market Part-time
Chocolatetown BARISTA, Starbucks - AGE 16+ Part-time Seasonal
Chocolatetown BARTENDER, PT - The Chocolatier Part-time
The Hotel Hershey BARTENDER, PT - Trevi 5 Part-time Seasonal

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