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GTECH S.p.A. is a leading commercial operator and provider of technology in regulated worldwide gaming markets. It delivers best-in-class products and services, with a commitment to the highest levels of integrity, responsibility and shareholder value creation. GTECH S.p.A. operates in all continents and it employs over 8.500 individuals worldwide in 52 countries. Its offices are present in 46 countries with customers in 119 States. For more information, please visit our website at



Provides intermediate to advanced level monitoring and troubleshooting of operation equipment for one or more jurisdictions and 24x365 adherence to operational procedures, checklists, policies, and national IT Best Practices. Provides training and informal coaching to other Computer Operators.


  • Demonstrates a relentless commitment to meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations while also achieving the goal of reducing the risks and costs of providing services.
  • Works to build an effective partnership with the customer on a daily basis.  Listens to customers and asks the appropriate questions to determine their requirements.  
  • Performs advanced level troubleshooting of systems and servers related to host systems, middleware, applications, and existing tools according to established procedures with minimal supervision.
  • Performs  advanced level network monitoring by confirming tool set availability, using tools for verification of services, and detecting, reporting, escalating, and documenting anomalies according to established procedures.
  • Performs   advanced logical security monitoring through use of established tools and procedures.
  • Performs  advanced monitoring of systems and servers by confirming tool set availability, using tools for verification of services, and detecting, reporting, escalating, and documenting anomalies according to established procedures.
  • Performs entry level troubleshooting of network technologies related to IP network devices and backbone transports according to established procedures, using existing tools with minimal supervision.
  • Accurately executes, validates, evaluates/analyzes errors to correctly recover defined processes in the operational checklists to ensure that all draw processing, day-end processing, system balancing, file system maintenance, change requests, report/file transfers and deliveries, messaging and jackpot details, system locations/configurations, and internal/external customer requests are completed.
  • Coordinates, executes, validates, tracks, follows up on, and escalates internal and external customer requests according to established guidelines with minimal supervision.
  • Creates and/or maintains operational procedures and checklists.
  • Adheres to service level agreements (SLAs) by following established SLA performance requirements
  • Adheres to IT best practices by following established IT best practice performance and audit requirements
  • Supports and executes local testing policies and procedures
  • Performs intermediate to advanced level monitoring and/or troubleshooting of automated functions by confirming tool set availability, using tools for verification of services, and detecting, reporting, escalating, and documenting anomalies according to established procedures
  • Participates in individual professional development by completing assigned development plan, participating in mentoring activities, tracking and reporting of development, and communicating career path goals and objectives.
  • Provides training, mentoring, and coaching to other operators through free flow of information, encouraging and appropriately evaluating feedback, encouraging innovation, and inspiring / motivating others.
  • Assists with the delegation of tasks to other Computer Operators, oversees workflow of department, and effectively communicate changes that affect employees’ work with limited supervision.
  • Contributes to the performance feedback for junior operators.
  • Assists in the development and execution of team building activities and reward programs



†Complexity: Functions Responsible for or Influenced

Medium – Intermediate operation and recovery of many operating systems and applications
† Diversity: Locations Responsible for or Influenced          
               Low to Medium – Intermediate responsibility for single location.  May be responsible for operations for multiple jurisdictions.
† Typical Job Problems and Difficulties
               Provides resolutions to a diverse range of complex problems.  Uses judgment within defined policies and practices.
† Financial Accountability
               Medium to High – Mistakes could lead to costly penalties, downtime, etc… and oversees others who mistakes could lead to costly penalties and downtime.
† Freedom to Act
               Generally works under limited supervision or direction.  Determines and develops approaches to solutions.


† Job Reports to (direct)
               Operations Supervisor
† Job Reports to (indirect)
               Lead Computer Operator
† Direct Reports to Job
† Authority for Staff Managed
† Indirect Reports (influenced)
               Junior Operators – assists in the development and performance feedback
† Level of Complexity for managing/organizing staff
               Entry level – contributes to team development

† Extent decisions governed by procedures or referred up
               Med – majority of actions dictated by policy / procedure or must be escalated to more senior operational staff or management for resolution
† Standard requirements for research and analysis
               Frequent – 1st tier troubleshooting of problems, initial diagnosis, resolution, and reporting according to established procedures with minimal supervision.
† Opportunityand consequence of typical errors (supervision)       
               Moderate / High – Issues must be escalated as required by SLA's and IT Best Practices to avoid financial penalities.

† Frequency and complexity of internal business contacts
               Frequent with low / moderate complexity – contact 24x7 with most software engineers and managers as well as Enterprise Systems staff
† Frequency and complexity of external business contacts
               Moderate with moderate / high impact – deals with GTECH customers and third party vendors daily
† Physical (% time: travel, operating machinery, environmental etc.)
Minimal physical requirements – low travel, works in environmentally controlled computer room.  May be asked to travel occasionally for specific project and/or career development opportunities. 




† Minimum education
               Two year technical college degree or comparable experience
† Years Experience
               One – Four years
† Minimum technical knowledge and skills requirements:
  • Where applicable, must be able to monitor and troubleshoot multiple technologies
  • Able to navigate through Unix/Linux/AIX/VMS/DOS and perform basic commands
  • Working knowledge of FTP/SFTP protocols
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Office suite, PC operating systems, and configurations
  • Intermediate knowledge of Retailer POS, call center tools and functions
Network Related:             
  • Working knowledge of IP Protocol, LAN/WAN topology (frame, DSL, Cellular, X.42, X.25, ATM, Satellite, Radio, PTP, Dial-up), intermediate knowledge of associated monitoring and troubleshooting tools (HPOV, HNS vision, Spectrum analyzers, solarwinds, whatsupgold), Data Center network equipment (firewalls, switches, routers, etc), and network cable specifications.
Best Practices:
  • Advanced knowledge of GTECH IT best practices and associated tools related to Incident, Change, Release, Audit, and Problem Management.
  • Working knowledge of GTECH ISMS policies and procedures.
  • Advanced knowledge of GTECH environmental systems and procedures.
               Systems and Servers:
  • Advanced knowledge of GTECH proprietary solutions for operations
  • Advanced knowledge of GTECH automation suite and processes             
  • Working knowledge of IBM middleware applications (JBOSS, Websphere, etc)
† Special training requirements
  • Basic Finance
  • Introduction to Supervising
  • Introduction to CMMI
† Other skills - Required
  • Demonstrates strong performance leadership skills including the ability to coach/mentor, deliver training, inspire and motive others, objectively assess the performance of others and provide balanced feedback
  • Organizes, plans and delegates work effectively.  Balances priorities among stakeholders
  • Exhibits professional and customer appropriate communications (written and verbal).  Listens effectively and demonstrates empathy and understanding of others’ concerns.  Demonstrates knowledge of techniques needed, and experience in dealing with difficult or demanding customers
  • Displays strong technical writing skills and presents information in a professional and engaging manner. 
  • Promotes teamwork and cooperation and builds strong relationships at all levels.  Effectively collaborates and negotiates.
  • Analyzes, diagnoses, and resolves incidents/problems effectively.  Exhibits sound business judgment and exhibits common sense
  • Demonstrates ability to identify opportunities to implement new or modified approaches to resolve problems and maximize opportunities
  • Completes work in a thorough, accurate, well thought out, and timely manner; with attention to detail
  • Demonstrates high degree of ethics, integrity and confidentiality at all times.
  • Displays initiative and self-motivation.  Sets high goals for self and others and demonstrates a strong sense of urgency.  Achieves results in a high pressure environment
  • Exhibits basic understanding of employee relations/legal requirements
  • Demonstrates basic to intermediate understanding of company’s financial goals and metrics
† Other
Must be able to work all holidays as shift requires (24x365 operation), may work up to 12.5 hour shift
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