Collins 7059 Collins Crossing Jacksonville FL 3224
Employment Status
Full Time






This position is responsible for assisting the Express Wash Manager in developing and maintaining a team of people who provided inside and outside wash services to guests in a safe, fast and friendly environment.




  • Performs duties of Express Wash Manager in his/her absence.
  • Provides the best customer experience by training team on all internal and external programs, building customer base through return Customers – Customer Loyalty Program


  • Ensures that all guests are treated courteously and that the needs of the customer are addressed efficiently


  • Ensure all vehicles in the detail center are checked for quality
  • Interact with guests everyday
  • Handle guest inquiries, complaints and compliments
  • Ensure that attendants smile and give a “Thumbs Up” to every guest when delivering guide-on instructions
    • Increase the speed and convenience of the whole wash experience for the guest


  • Monitor and control labor percentage by hour on days and shifts managed


  • Monitor and control chemical output daily (marking barrels) and troubleshooting (rate of flow)


  • Conduct daily Preventative Maintenance according to program schedule on days and shifts managed


  • Conduct equipment repairs proactively and troubleshoot problems to resolve issues quickly


  • Maximize speed of processing vehicles at the wash through training and upholding standards of performance
    • Conduct initial and periodic checks throughout the day to eliminate cleaning problems in the wash process on days and shifts managed
    • Conduct safety checks of every vehicle entering the wash to either prevent entry or warn customers of potential risks
    • Perform cleaning procedures for the tunnel and equipment daily
    • Ensure all vehicles in the detail center are checked for quality
    • Check the operational status of vacuums throughout the day


  • Coach team members to improve performance
  • Increase the number of tasks every team member can perform


  • Per policy guidelines, ensure that personnel’s uniforms are neat and clean in appearance


  • Addresses and expeditiously resolves the following situations:
  • Handle guest inquiries, complaints and compliments
  • Handle issues with disgruntled employees


  • Ensures completion of interior and exterior housekeeping during the assigned shift
    • Maintain the appearance of landscaping
    • Check to see that all trash cans are emptied in the facility
    • Maintain the cleanliness of all areas throughout the day


  • Performs bookkeeping procedures to include:
  • Shift check-off
  • Daily station reporting and inspections
  • Bank deposit preparation; completes all required paperwork, reviews and analyzes reports and transmits daily reports and other pertinent data to the Corporate Office


  • Performs additional duties that may be required by supervisor or the company as a result of the location, nature or size of the Wash or other circumstances


  • Able to do closing procedures of Express Car Wash




  • Review all equipment updates and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule


  • Continue to improve knowledge of equipment and wash systems by learning every function at the car wash


  • Learn to operate Express Wash Kiosk, Credit Card machines and POS


  • Ensure that all daily paperwork is completed accurately and submitted on time on days and shifts managed


  • Attend and excel at ALL training programs, internal and external, required by the company


  • Cross-Train at least one employee on one new task every week until every employee can perform each function at the wash





  • Must be able to perform all tasks and functions of a Sales Associate and Team Leader
  • Must be able to work a minimum 40 hours per week and work other shifts other than those of the Express Wash Manager after completion of training
  • Must possess basic reading and comprehension, writing as well as math skills, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Must be able to operate a personal computer
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and transportation
  • Must have a successful completion of a drug test and criminal background check





    Sales Associates and Team Leaders





    Physical Demands:


                Activities:        Walking/Standing – 95%       

    Sitting – 5%


                Lifting:            Must be able to lift 50 pounds


    Vision:             Working on computer screen and checking customers’ identification.


    Mental Demands:        Problem solve, analyze, and interpret and meet deadlines.


    Environment:  Outside work.  Exposure to excessive cold and heat