Byron Center
Employment Status
Avg. Hours
(per week)

Apprentice Tractor Technician


Learns to perform basic maintenance and part replacement procedures by observing, assisting, and asking questions
Assists senior technicians when asked to do so
Develops skills in the diagnosis and repair of all DFL tractor components
Learns to effectively and efficiently perform PM inspections and services
Learns to read and understand and retain service data information
Learns the tire maintenance program
Performs service calls
Washes and fuels equipment when necessary
Advises the supervisor when:
   Outlines work is found not needed or misdiagnosed
   Additional repair needs are discovered
   Works cannot be completed on time
Performs other maintenance duties or assignments as necessary
Consistently positive attitude, interacting courteously and professionally with fellow employees
Learns to become professionally excellent and be a positive example at all times
Be a leading participant in the care and upkeep of the shop, the grounds and all equipment and tools
Maintains a clean, safe environment that complies to OSHA and company standards
Proficient in recording all work and labor on a computer in the EMS system
Reports questionable abuse and unauthorized tampering of equipment to the supervisor                      
Works with Parts Department to assure that all necessary material, parts, service supplies and shop supplies are maintained at proper quantity levels
Complies with all Parts Department procedures and rules at all times
Works in compliance to EPA regulations
Works within all DOT and company safety requirements
Actively participates in any company sponsored events
Continuously improves processes 

*It is every employee's duty to participate in the company's goal of satisfying our customers economically. Therefore,all employee's may be called upon to perform tasks not specifically listed in their job description. The job description is not deemed to be all inclusive, nor are the expectations of the job limited to the tasks listed in it.