Benefits Eligible
Starting Rate
Additional Benefits
Type of Position
Work Hours
Variable hours (typically 40 per week) with days, weekends, and holidays included
Requires Valid Virginia Drivers License
Minimum Age
City Williamsburg
Zip Code 23185

Public Safety Officer -Patrol


Job Description:


Public Safety Patrol Officers patrol all Foundation properties to protect exhibits; to assist employees, guests, and contractors; and to respond to emergency situations and calls for service in a timely and efficient manner.



  1. Perform routine patrol activities to include, but not limited to:
    • Conduct routine patrols and inspections of all Colonial Williamsburg buildings, grounds, parking lots, etc., including but not limited to the art museums, historic area properties, hotels, golf courses, restaurants, retail establishments, outlying properties, etc.
    • Document and record unusual conditions, situations, or events, and provide timely and accurate information to management.
    • Monitor safety conditions, and report deficiencies to management.
    • Provide assistance and backup to other Public Safety employees.
    • Monitor and provide emergency assistance to the public.
    • Perform and follow documented opening and closing procedures in designated buildings as required.
    • Detection and preliminary investigation of crimes/unusual activities, which may include surveillance of individuals vehicles or locations; interviewing victims, suspects, and witnesses; identification and collection of property and evidence; and documenting and reporting findings to the supervisor in charge of the shift.
  2. Maintain order/mediate disputes and quell disturbances.
  3. Administer first aid, CPR and use of AED including moving/assisting incapacitated persons.
  4. Enforce Foundation rules and regulations
  5. Control access to restricted areas, when necessary.
  6. Relieve communications operators, as required, by becoming familiar with all alarm monitoring systems, communications equipment, logs, records, and CAD system.
  7. Escort employees and guests as needed.
  8. Setup crowd/traffic/parking control barriers/equipment
  9. Maintain open communications to develop relationships and direct partnerships between employees, guests, and residents to reduce the potential for crime.
  10. Other duties as assigned


General supervision from the Master Sergeant.  In the Master Sergeant’s absence, the Public Safety Patrol Officer will report to the Sergeant in charge of the shift.

Job Requirements:


  1. Must have excellent public contact skills, including the ability to deal with people under stressful circumstances.
  2. Must have excellent communications skills.
  3. Must be able to read, write and prepare reports using a computer.
  4. Must be able to exercise sound judgment under stress.
  5. Must have completed high school/GED.
  6. Must not have a history of criminal convictions, except minor traffic violations.
  7. Must be able to qualify annually in CPR, first aid and the use of an AED.
  8. Must be able to work irregular/extended work hours (including frequently fluctuating work hours and rotating shift work).
  9. Must be able to work holidays, evenings, and weekends.
  10. As an essential employee, must be able to report to work/stay at work during poor weather, storm events, and/or emergency conditions. 
  11. Must pass pre-employment substance abuse testing and is subject to random alcohol and controlled substance testing.   

    Preferred Qualifications:

    Two years public contact experience; two years of college, one-year experience with Colonial Williamsburg; current certification for CPR, first aid, and use of an AED.


    PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: (List physical requirements of the position)


  1. Must be able to walk, sit or stand for extended periods of time.
  2. Must be able to perform work such as:
  • Lifting
  • Climbing stairs and ladders
  • Reaching
  • Pushing hard-to-move objects by hand
  • Squat, Crouch or kneel (e.g., to collect evidence, inspect cases/exhibits, etc.).




  1. Must be able to work in varying weather conditions, including storm events, extreme heat and cold, rain, snow, etc.
  2. Must be able to work and to come in daily contact with pollen and dust.
  3. Must be able to work in areas such as:
    • Slippery surfaces (e.g., wet floors, wet pavement/brick sidewalks, etc.)
    • Uneven surfaces (e.g., cobblestones, brick sidewalks, gravel surfaces, etc.)
  • Poor lighting (e.g., glare, night vision conditions)
  • Noise (e.g., activated fire alarms, etc.)
  • Faint sounds

Other poor auditory conditions (e.g., distracting background noise, telephone/radio)