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Job Title:   Financial Analyst II - Budgeting
Coral Gables


  • Coordinate and produce the semiannual budgets for the following units of the MSF Group:    
                Mercantil Commercebank Consolidated, N.A.
                Subsidiaries Budgeted separately and included in the consolidated budget:
                                Mercantil Commercebank Trust Company
                                Mercantil Commercebank Investment Services
                                G200 Leasing, LLC
                Holding Company Structure:
                                Mercantil Commercebank Florida Bancorp
                                Mercantil Commercebank Voting Trust
                                Mercantil Commercebank Holding Corporation
                Offshore Banks and Agencies:
                                Mercantil Bank Schweiz
                                Mercantil Bank & Trust, Ltd (Cayman)
                                                Mercantil Bank Schweiz Consolidated
                                Mercantil Bank Curacao
                                Mercantil Bank Panama
                                                Mercantil Bank Curacao Consolidated
                                Mercantil Banco Agencia Coral Gables
                                Mercantil Banco Agencia Curacao
  • Execute and/or design department procedures, maintain and update the IPS-Sendero Budget Planning Software (BPS) system, prepare all Budget final reports. Utilize BPS or Excel to model and complete budgets for all companies. 
  • Be able to adapt to new Budget Systems that may be implemented and complete self study of new systems, as necessary.
  • On a monthly basis complete the Financial Data Consolidation by Center, import the Financial Data into the Budget System, Update Budget System Chart of Accounts and Modeling, Create and/or update Report Line IDs with new accounts, Create new Centers and update Center Ranges based on the Bank’s Structure, and ensure Budget System is in balance with Financial Reporting reports.
  • Generate semi-annual budgets at the segment/profit/cost center levels, providing management with budgeted Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Ratios at the individual segment/profit/cost center detailed level.  Utilizing the -Sendero Budget Planning Software for this process.
  • Provide direction and technical know-how to Division Managers in the process of creating their operating expenses and other income budgets.  Supply all the information and guidance needed to all Production Managers in order for them to project deposit and loan volumes by all dimensions (product type, business segment, cost center, etc.)
  • Produce budgets for Mercantil Commercebank’s subsidiaries, including Mercantil Commerebank Trust Company and Mercantil Commercebank Investment Services, by incorporating the growth assumptions set by the MCTC and MCIS Managers, and reviewing the budgets with the managers before submitting for approval.  Responsible for preparing the MCTC and MCIS Board of Director’s budget presentation.
  • Consolidate the budget and adjust for inter-company eliminations across all units, Mercantil Commercebank Florida Bancorp, Mercantil Commercebank Voting Trust and Mercantil Commercebank Holding Corporation.  Provide the budget to Head Office for MSF budget consolidation.  Discuss and provide information to Head Office ensuring that the budget is in accordance to the Bank’s strategic initiatives.
  • Prepare Budget presentations for approval by the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and MSF Board.  This includes the Board Presentation for Mercantil Commercebank and for the six offshore companies.
  • Assist in the Funds Transfer Pricing Budgets.
  • On an ongoing basis, maintain the Profit/Cost Center Structure. 
  • Perform other related analyses, projects and presentations as required by Budgeting Manager, Profitability & Budgeting Manager and Senior Management, on a timely basis, meeting timelines.
  • Monitor Monthly Actual vs. Budget results for the various units and companies.
  • Prepare the ALCO Package and provide analysis of margin results.
  • Prepare the Coral Gables Agency Rate Volume Analysis on a quarterly basis, at a minimum, comply with internal controls.
  • To identify, evaluate, monitor and make any recommendation deemed necessary to their respective Risk Management Committee in order to assess, reduce, eliminate or control any current or prospective risks to earnings or capital arising from violations of, or nonconformance with, laws, rules regulations, prescribed practices, internal policies and procedures or ethical standards.

Functional Skills & Knowledge Requirements:
Must be a team player, have the ability to work under pressure, have a professional image and be able to resolve problems and conflicts. Must be able to prioritize work and effectively manage time and have the ability to manage change. Must possess basic business communications skills such as advanced writing, listening and have basic office and mathematics skills, and customer service skills. Possession of professional skills such as report writing, advanced statistics, effective presentation skills, creative skills, budgeting, ethics management and conducting effective meetings and research assessment are required.
Minimum Education and/or Certifications Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Finance or Accounting
Minimum Work Experience Requirements: Five to eight years experience in banking with a focus on financial margin budgeting, profitability, accounting, investments, and financial modeling.
Knowledge of -Sendero Budgeting and Planning System or other similar budgeting software. Fully Bilingual (English/Spanish).
Technical and/or Other Essential Knowledge: Previous experience with Lotus Notes, Internet and MS Office Skills, including MS Word Advanced, MS Excel Advanced, MS Powerpoint Advanced, MS Project Level II and MS Visio Level I required.  Excellent oral and written communication skills.  Must have initiative to undertake tasks and self-learning, be able to independently assess work input and time to meet deadlines, and be able to resolve analytical problems.  Must possess understanding of a Bank’s financial statements, including the components of a financial margin and its computation. Must have effective presentation skills, creative skills, budgeting, ethics management and meetings skills. 
Working Conditions: Physical DemandsAir-conditioned office with majority of time spent
sitting at desk working on computer and approximately 10% of time spent
in meetings
Core Competency:  
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