Tribal Business Office
Employment Status
Specific Work Schedule
up to 30 hours per week on an as-needed basis, and is not eligible for benefits
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Beginning Pay Rate

Chumash Green Job Trainee



Chumash Green Job Trainee
Get training in a variety of green jobs related fields. Trainings can include:


  • home energy assessments,
  • energy efficiency improvement (insulation, air sealing, lighting upgrades),
  • solar installations,
  • native landscaping,
  • nursery management and plant propagation,
  • water quality testing and monitoring,
  • zero waste planning and implementation ,
  • event planning, and
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping and Global Positioning System (GPS) data collection

Location: both on and off the reservation in the Santa Ynez Valley and other possible areas in the Santa Barbara County
Stipend: $10/hour up to 30 hours per week on an as-needed basis, and is not eligible for benefits. 



Eligibility: Ages 16+. Candidates must complete the SYCEO volunteer application process which includes

  • Application
  • Confidentiality Form
  • Background Check
  • Drug Test

Physical Requirements:


  • Must be able to work in confined spaces such as attic space and crawl spaces under house
  • Must be able to work comfortably and safely at heights over 20 ft above ground
  • Must be able to safely lift and carry 50 lbs of fragile equipment while on fragile and unstable surfaces, including steep roofs and/or tile roofs
  • Must be able to perform difficult manual labor such as digging trenches for ground mount solar