Job Title: Kitchen Worker- EDR- Full Time
Food & Beverage
Full Time
Job Description:
Position Purpose & Scope:
  • Maintains safe, clean, sanitary and organized departmental work areas and equipment
  • Manually and/or mechanically cleans service ware, cooking utensils, cooking equipment, & physical facilities
  • Indirectly services guests by providing clean service ware and sanitary production facilities

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

All functions and responsibilities executed per department specifications
  • Performs start up assembly and procedures, on-going operation of, breakdown and cleaning of all ware washing machines
  • Safely handles all departmental cleaning and sanitizing chemicals per OSHA, departmental and manufacturer operating standards
  • Inserts necessary chemicals, detergents and additives to ware washing machine chemical supply systems
  • Ensures that non-carpeted Food & Beverage area floors are clean, free of debris and spills
  • Manually and / or mechanically cleans Food & Beverage floors, including refrigerated storage and trash collections areas, using deck brushes, brooms, dust pans, squeegees, mops, scrapers, hoses, pressure washers, chemicals and other equipment
  • Manually and / or mechanically washes china, glass, silverware & all other service ware
  • Manually and /or mechanically washes pots, pans, cooking utensils, cutting boards & all other kitchen tools and equipment
  • Disassembles, manually cleans and re-assembles ovens, ranges, rotisseries, broilers, grills, salamanders, ventilation hoods, deep fat fryers, steam jacketed kettles, slow cookers, smokers, steamers, ice machines, mixers, tilt skillets, food processing machines, slicers, saws, tenderizing machines, combi ovens, , prep stations, ware washing machines, ware washing tables, garbage disposals and all other food equipment requiring end user assembly
  • Cleans all sinks, refrigeration, freezers, chef tables, work tables, storage shelving, trash dump areas, trash receptacles, floor mats, floor grates, floor sinks, drain cups, condensation trays, Bain maries and other Food and Beverage equipment as assigned
  • Cleans and polishes exposed stainless steel surfaces and plumbing components.
  • Uses ladders, chemicals and manual cleaning tools to perform cove base and over head cleaning in Food & Beverage production areas, dry and refrigerated storage areas, ware washing, trash areas and other locations as assigned including walls, ceilings, visible-to-the eye ventilation equipment including roof-top mechanical components, light fixture diffusers, mechanical system air supply and intact diffusers,  
  • Operates rack type and flight type washing machines, pre-rinse sprayers, hot and cold water hoses, mop buckets, garbage disposals, pre-rinse troughs, trash compactors, bailers, can washers, floor washing machines, steam cleaners and other cleaning machinery
  • Ensures a safe work environment for self and others
  • Uses personal protective equipment as assigned
  • Informs Supervisor when supplies are needed to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operations
  • Ensures compliance to all company, Washington County and OSHA rules, regulations and procedures as they pertain to the job or position
  • Removes garbage from kitchens and dumps it in waste area
  • Breaks down boxes and sorts recyclables
  • Sifts trash for wasted service ware
  • Assists Steward Operations Management with banquet and special event set up
  • Uses chemicals, soaps and detergents
  • Assists in the organization of the kitchen
  • Cleans and mops bar floors
  • Steam cleans floor mats
  • Stocks ala carte, Employee Dining and Banquets with plates and service ware
  • Polishes silverware and banquet service ware
  • Burns ice from service wells
  • Changes fat in deep fat fryers
  • Performs other and general equipment and supply cleaning and organization tasks as assigned
  • Maintains sanitary personal hygiene and a clean appearance 
Job Requirements:
Essential Knowledge, Skill and Licensure Requirements:
  • Must be able to obtain a Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board non-gaming license
  • Must have valid original copy of birth certificate or passport
  • Requires knowledge of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture – Department of Food Safety and Sanitation regulations
  • Required to be able to read, write and verbally communicate fluently in English
  • Requires average eye hand coordination
  • Requires basic knowledge of operation and maintenance of machinery needed in the daily performance of duties such as Dishwashing  machines, High Pressure Water Power  Cleaning machine
  • Requires knowledge of cleaning chemicals used in daily performance of duties, their purpose, ratios, toxic value and course of action if ingestion or unprotected contact is made with the chemical/s.
  • Requires knowledge and proper use of personal protective equipment provided by employer i.e.: aprons, gloves, protective eye wear, respirators or masks, non-slip footwear.
  • Knowledge of proper selection and use of Fire Extinguishers in the event of a fire
  • 3 months work experience in a physically demanding, manual labor job

Non-Essential Knowledge and Skills Requirements:
  • Previous work experience in Food & Beverage operations preferred
  • Previous work experience as a Kitchen Worker / Dishwasher
  • Previous work experience in a custodial or cleaning services position
  • Basic knowledge of sanitary food handling procedures
  • Possession of Serve Safe certification
  • Possession of TIPS or TAM certification

  • Reports directly to the designated Steward Operations Manager
  • Reports in succession to Sous Chefs, Executive Sous Chef, Assistant Executive Chef, Executive Chef, Director of Food and Beverage, General Manager
  • Indirectly reports in succession to Assistant Food & Beverage Department Managers, Food & Beverage Department Managers, Food & Beverage Manager
  • Is supervised daily by Lead Steward
  • Continuously interacts, assists and works as an integral part of a team with Cooks, Cook’s Helpers, Pantry Persons, Food Runners, Bus persons, Wait Staff and Host Staff
  • Occasionally interacts with Engineering and Maintenance staff, EVS, outside service representatives, Health Inspectors, Employee Relations and OSHA inspectors 

Essential Physical Requirement:
  • Stands unassisted for substantial periods - 100%
  • Walking unassisted – 100%
  • Bending at the waist – 100%
  • Bending at the knee – 87.5%
  • Pulling up to 200 lbs – 100%
  • Pushing up to 200 lbs – 100%
  • Lifting unassisted waist high up to 100 lbs – 100%
  • Reaching to the side, below the waist, waist level, above the waist and above the shoulders – 100%
  • Twisting – 100%
  • Squatting – 75%
  • Kneeling - 75%
  • Normal sense of smell, taste, touch and hearing - 100%
  • Normal range of vision and absence of color blindness - 100%
  • Requires ability to distinguish letters, graphic signs and symbols  - 100%
  • Works in wet, hot (over 90 deg. F), high humidity, noisy environment – 100%
  • Comes in physical contact with soaps, quatinary and/or chlorine based sanitizers – 100%
  • Repetitive motions, including scrubbing, sweeping, mopping – 100%
  • Normal hand – eye coordination – 100%
  • Uses caustic cleaning products – 100%

Measures of Performance:
  • Safety, sanitation, station cleanliness and personal appearance
  • Time and attendance
  • Absence of delays in food production or service due to lack of clean supplies
  • No demerits issued by Health Department during inspection of areas of responsibility as they pertain to the assigned duties
  • Production quality
  • Production speed
  • Motivation, enthusiasm and energy
  • Team work
  • Communication with supervisors, co-workers and guests
  • Organizational skills and time management

Impact on Revenues and Profits:
  • Through timely production, completes assigned tasks within departmental operating standards, which assists the service staff and culinary staff to efficiently service customers, yielding faster table turns, greater revenues and operating efficiencies. 
  • Assists in controlling departmental expenses through the proper usage of manual cleaning equipment, cleaning machines, chemicals and cleaning supplies.
  • Through diligent handling and usage of all equipment and supplies, this position minimizes machine maintenance expenses and equipment breakage & loss, which further positively impacts profitability.
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