Job Title: Bartender-PA
Extra Board
Job Description:

Position Purpose & Scope:


·          Provides safe, courteous, fun & legal direct sales and service of alcoholic and non-alcoholic Beverages to guests in the casino bars, restaurant bars, service bars, bowling alley bar, banquets, special events or any other beverage service opportunity area stipulated by management

·          Maintains a clean work area in accordance with established standards and procedures

·          Properly processes cash, comp, credit card and other transaction types


Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

·          Performs daily set up of bar areas

·          Use departmental cleaning and sanitizing chemicals per OSHA, departmental and manufacturer operating standards

·          Inserts necessary chemicals, detergents and additives to ware washing machine chemical supply systems

·          Informs management of any product shortages, equipment failures or staffing issues in a timely manner

·          Cleans front and back bar counters, shelving, refrigerators, other equipment and floors

·          Cleans Beverage department glasses using mechanical ware washing equipment

·          Stocks jockey boxes and beverage dispensing machines with product and operating supplies in order to properly serve guest

·          Greets guests with a smile, friendly manner and a polite salutation

·          Checks guest identification to ensures guests are of the legal age to be in casino areas and/or purchasing alcoholic beverages

·          Takes guest order, suggestively selling non-comp beverages and repeats order back to the guest in order to ensure clarity

·          Requests proper payment from guest where applicable

·          Uses point of sale system to enter all orders

·          Prepares and assists other team members in the preparation of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages with proper garnishes

·          Adheres to all check settlement and food & beverage control procedures

·          Communicates with Beverage Servers and Bar Backs in order to complete the order production cycle

·          Delivers beverages to guests at the bar and delivers change and/or receipts where applicable

·          Uses approved measuring devices for the dispensing of all spirits

·          Maintains departmental standards of attentive service and comp and cash sales averages

·          Adheres to all state and local laws referencing the service of food & beverage

·          Entertains guests through polite, professional, friendly conversation

·          Adjusts television channels and volumes at bars per departmental spec

·          Completes daily side work and product requisition

·          Monitors the alcohol consumption of guests being served and determines potential intoxication levels of guests

·          Removes soiled glassware and disposables from bar tops and returns it to the bar for disposal and/or cleaning

·          Works special event functions selling beverages

·          Mechanically washes beverage department glassware

·          Ensures a safe and sanitary work environment for self and others

·          Ensures compliance to all company, and OSHA rules and regulations as they pertain to the position

·          Uses chemicals, soaps and detergents

·          Cleans beverage dispensing equipment including but not limited to beverage guns & holsters, beer faucets & hot beverage machines and any other beverage equipment assigned

·          Trains Bar Backs and newly hired Bartenders to follow departmental policy and procedures

·          Burns ice from service wells

·          Performs other general equipment and supply cleaning, polishing and organization tasks as assigned

·          Maintains clean, well-groomed appearance

·          Maintains sanitary personal hygiene

·          Answers guests questions and informs them about departmental & casino promotions, upcoming events and property features

·          Assists guests with basic gaming related questions

·          Empties and cleans ashtrays

Completes all other job related duties as assigned 
Job Requirements:

Essential Knowledge, Skill and Licensure Requirements:

·          Must be able to obtain a Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board license

·          Possession of TIPS or TAM certification

·          Must be 21 years of age or older

·          Must have valid original copy of birth certificate or passport

·          Requires knowledge of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture – Department of Food Safety and Sanitation regulations

·          Required to be able to read, write and verbally communicate fluently in English

·          Must be thoroughly knowledgeable in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage brands and spirit types

·          Must be thoroughly knowledgeable in preparation of beverage recipes

·          Must have basic knowledge of wine varietals, colors and types

·          Must be able to work well in a team environment

·          Ability to handle cash and all other tender methods and be able to make change

·          Requires basic knowledge of operation and maintenance of machinery needed in the daily performance of duties such as glass washing machines, beverage dispensing machines and point of sale systems

·          Requires knowledge of cleaning chemicals used in daily performance of duties, their purpose, ratios, toxic value and course of action if ingestion or unprotected contact is made with the chemical/s.

·          1 year work experience in a high volume, full service bartending position


Non-Essential Knowledge and Skills Requirements:


·          Previous work experience in Food & Beverage operations preferred

·          Previous work experience as a Beverage Server, Bartender or Bar Back preferred

·          Gaming environment bartending experience preferred

·          Experience working with interfaced gun-type liquor dispensing system preferred

·          Basic knowledge of sanitary food handling procedures

·          Possession of Serve Safe certification preferred




·          Reports directly to the Assistant Beverage Managers

·          Reports in succession to Beverage Manager, Food & Beverage Manager, Director of Food and Beverage, General Manager

·          Indirectly reports in succession to Assistant Food & Beverage Department Managers, Food & Beverage Department Managers

·          May be supervised by a Lead Beverage Server, Lead Bartender or Lead Bar Back

·          Continuously interacts, assists and works as an integral part of a team with gaming and non-gaming guests, Bartenders, Bar Backs, Bar Porters, EVS, Casino personnel & Security

·          Occasionally interacts with Engineering and Maintenance staff, Entertainment, Health Inspectors, Employee Relations and OSHA inspectors 


Essential Physical Requirement:


·          Stands unassisted for substantial periods - 100%

·          Walking at a fast pace forward, backward and laterally unassisted – 100%

·          Bending at the waist – 100%

·          Bending at the knee – 100%

·          Pulling up to 200 lbs – 25%

·          Pushing up to 200lbs – 25%

·          Lifting unassisted waist high up to 50 lbs – 100%

·          Reaching to the side, below the waist, waist level, above the waist and above the shoulders – 100%

·          Twisting – 100%

·          Squatting – 100%

·          Kneeling - 90%

·          Normal sense of smell, taste, touch and hearing - 100%

·          Normal range of vision and absence of color blindness - 100%

·          Requires ability to distinguish letters, graphic signs and symbols  - 100%

·          Works in wet, hot (over 90 deg. F), high humidity, noisy environment – 100%

·          Comes in physical contact with soaps, quatinary and/or chlorine based sanitizers – 100%

·          Repetitive motions, including pouring from bottles, computer pos entry and using beverage dispensing equipment – 100%

·          Normal hand – eye coordination – 100%

·          Uses caustic cleaning products – 100%

·          Works in low light ( 15 foot candles and less) environments – 80%

·          Works in very loud music environments for 4 – 6 hours (In excess of 110 dB) – 50%

·          Works in very crowded public areas – 100%

·          Works in small service areas with other team mates – 100%

·          Comes in contact with second hand tobacco smoke – 100%

·          Works in very cold (refrigerated) storage 39 degrees F and less) – 10%

·          Works in direct sun light – 10%

·          Occasionally repeatedly lifts 50 lbs.

·          Maintains a clean, sanitary, professional and well groomed personal appearance

·          May be costumed in professional & physically revealing garments


Measures of Performance:


·          Safety, sanitation, station cleanliness and personal appearance

·          Time and attendance

·          Average cash and comp sales per hour

·          Sales ability

·          No demerits issued by Health Department during inspection of areas of responsibility as they pertain to the assigned duties

·          Production quality

·          Production speed

·          Motivation, enthusiasm and energy

·          Team work

·          Communication with supervisors, co-workers and guests

·          Organizational skills and time management


Impact on Revenues and Profits:


·          Directly impacts casino revenue by serving as the “hospitality host” for gaming patrons to ensure that they are well cared for, comfortable and properly served so that the guest is more likely to prolong their gaming experience.

·          Actively sells alcoholic beverages for non-comp tenders that has a direct impact on departmental revenues and overall company profitability

·          Maximizing number of beverages sold per hour in order to efficiently serve the guest has a dramatic material effect on gaming revenues.

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