Job Title: Food Court Line Cook
Food & Beverage
Extra Board
Job Description:
Position purpose & scope:
Produces high quality hot and cold ala carte food in flavor, presentation, and proper temperatures; utilizes superior sanitation practices, and culinary skills in menu preparation, production, specifications, and standards in a high volume kitchen; produces ala carte menu items according to guest’s request (micros) with-in the time standards set for the specific meal period; works in a very fast paced, high volume, short order food production type environment with frequently changing menus and specialty requests.

Essential  Functions and Responsibilities;
  • Maintains production, time/temperature and waste and any other assigned production charts
  • Stocks and rotates product using proper FIFO techniques
  • Stores all foods at correct temperatures
  • Dates and labels all food items
  • Uses knife skills to prepare raw ingredients
  • Utilizes ovens,  grills, griddles, broilers, deep fryers, ranges, salamanders, steamers, combi-ovens, electric slicers, knives, steam tables, impinging conveyor oven, pizza deck oven, and other equipment for food preparation
  • Prepares hot and cold food items to according to established departmental specifications
  • Prepares and presents all menu items in accordance with departmental standards
  • Utilizes departmental standard cooking techniques to ensure proper product results
  • Stocks production area for efficient daily operation
  • Prepares large and small batch recipes as assigned
  • Demonstrates proper Garnishing techniques in the preparation and presentation of all ala carte menu items
  • Prepares food for the utilization by teammates in the production of ala carte and special event type foods
  • Acts in a friendly and professional manner to guests and co workers
  • Maintains a clean, neat and sanitized work area
  • Sets up and stocks work station in a self motivated manner
  • Presents a professional, neat and clean appearance at all times
  • Cleans and organizes kitchen areas, including storing incoming goods, sweeping, mopping & scrubbing as assigned
  • Reports daily & advanced product needs with complete product requisitions based on accurate department needs
  • Provides feedback to Chefs on quality of incoming goods
  • Provides guests feedback regarding food and other issues to management
  • Reports product shortages, equipment issues and safety concerns to Chefs immediately
  • Sets up, cleans and maintains special event food areas as assigned.
  • Works live action food stations, (carving, sautéing and other culinary techniques) provided for guests
  • Interacts with guests, producing special requests, answering questions and providing guidance for food choices
  • Assists Chefs with other tasks as assigned
  • Accurately labels food on display for guests
  • Possesses excellent communication skills, ability to interact with guests in a professional, personable manor is essential
  • Maintains a clean uniform at all times when in the performance of executing a chef attended action station
  • Able to work at a very fast pace in a short order production kitchen and adheres to production goals and guidelines
  • Other tasks as assigned by management
  • Works in High Limit lounge, banquet areas, special event functions, indoors, outdoors and off-property events as assigned


  • Provides feedback to Chefs on guest food concerns
  • Communicates ideas to Chefs about methods for better utilization and product planning
  • Assist Chefs with on and off property special events
Job Requirements:

Knowledge and skill requirements:

  • Must be a self motivated
  • Must be fluent in verbal and written English
  • Must have 1 year experience with short order cooking
  • Ability to learn at a fast pace and help train others
  • Have accurate high production knife skills.
  • Hot food production knowledge including grilling, steaming, deep frying, char broiling , soup and sauce preparation
  • Working knowledge of American, Italian and French food production techniques
  • Cold food production knowledge including but not limited to salads, fruit platters, sandwich preparation, desserts, and specialty sweets.
  • Must be able to obtain a Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board non-gaming license
  • Must have valid original copy of birth certificate or passport
  • Requires knowledge of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture – Department of Food Safety and Sanitation regulations
  • Serve Safe Certification preferred
  • Culinary degree, culinary vocational school diploma, or work experience equivalent is preferred.
  • Ability to maintain cooking station at a speed that yields 145 covers within the 1 hour of dining time

 Essential Physical Requirements:
  • Normal range of vision and absence of color blindness – 100%
  • Stands unassisted for substantial periods – 100%
  • Walking at a fast pace forward, backward and laterally unassisted 100%
  • Regularly walks distances in excess of 300’ at a fast pace.
  • Lifting unassisted waist high – up to 100 lbs- 100%
  • Bending at the knee- 100%
  • Bending at the waist- 100%
  • Pulling up to 200 Lbs on wheels- 50%
  • Pushing up to 200 Lbs on wheels- 50%
  • Reaching to the side, below the waist, waist level, above the waist and above the shoulders- 100%
  • Normal hand eye coordination - 100%
  • Grasping  hot and cold items using necessary heat resistant or cold resistant gloves or cloths– 100%
  • Normal sense of smell, taste , touch and hearing- 100%
  • Repetitive motions, including , chopping , slicing, dicing, grasping, scooping, flipping, tossing, squeezing- 100%
  • Comes in physical contact with soaps, chlorine based and or/ quat sanitizers/ caustic oven and grill cleaners- 100%
  • Works in wet, hot ( over 90 degrees F.) high humidity, cold (below 32 degrees F.), fast paced noisy environment- 100%
  • Works in small and crowded (-16 sq. ft) areas
  • Fine motor skills and manual dexterity – 100%



  • Reports directly to the Sous Chef on Duty
  • Reports in succession to the Sous Chef, Executive Sous Chef, Executive Chef, Director of Food and
            Beverage, General Manager
  • Indirectly reports in succession to the Assistant Food and Beverage Department Managers, Food and Beverage Department Managers,  Food and Beverage Manager
    • May be supervised daily by a Lead Cook
  • Continuously interacts, assists and works as an integral part of a team with Line Cooks, Pantry, Kitchen Workers, Stewards, Food Runners, Bus Persons, Food Servers, Restaurant Hosts, Restaurant Lead Hosts, Bartenders, Bar Backs, Beverage Servers & Casino Hosts
    • Must be able to communicate politely and professionally with all staff
    • Promotes a team, customer-service focused environment
  • Occasionally interacts with Engineering and Maintenance staff, EVS, outside service representatives, health inspectors, Employee Relations and Health Inspectors.
Measures of performance:  
  • Ability to prepare and/or create menu items within established cooking timelines
  • Ability to implement cooking standards and specifications, as required by the management
  • No demerits issued by the department of health during inspection o fares of responsibility as they pertain to
            assigned duties
    • Conducts self in a personable / professional manor when in the presence of Guests
    • Time and attendance
    • Safety, sanitation, station cleanliness and personal appearance
    • Production quality
    • Food presentation
    • Timeliness of product delivery
    • Production quantity
    • Motivation, enthusiasm and energy
    • Team work
    • Communication with supervisors, co-workers, Casino Host staff and guests
    • Organizational skills and time management
    • Must maintain work station to produce 145 meals per hour


Impact on revenues and profit:
  • Direct impact on cost of good s through proper utilization, rotation, preparation, and production methods.
  • Positively affects profit by utilizing proper portion controls, labeling and dating all stored, prepared food items.
  • Directly influences revenue by support of a teamwork environment to ensure all food orders are expedited in a timely manor 
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